Wanted to practice doing some different types of writing and found and came across this prompt: You're in a room full of people and you're the only blind person. Describe the people and room in your mind. Somehow or another I cam up with this. Warning: It's pretty dark and involves death, not something I do in most stories. Let me know what you think.


The cafeteria was full of people chatting excitedly about summer plans while eating lunch. I sat with two other special needs children and the kind but over-zealous women who were in charge of making sure we got to lunch safely.

The boy to my left was a year younger than me, just finishing his sophomore year. His name was Billy, and he had serious bipolar disorder and if too worked up, he would have epileptic fits. He swore a lot to teachers and other students and would sometimes throw things in a fit of rage. He had always been nice to me though. His voice was always raspy from yelling and screaming.

The girl to my left was an overly sweet autistic girl named Trina who also had Down syndrome. She was like my little baby, and she liked touching my hair which I always wore down for her.

She was humming to herself while her special-needs teacher tried coaxing her to eat her lunch.

"So Annie, do you have any plans for this summer?" I recognized the voice of Mrs. McCrery.

"My family is driving to the beach in August and I have a piano recital in July." I answered quietly, my voice quieting as I heard the far doors of the cafeteria open, which is odd; no one ever enters through those doors.

A loud CRACK echoed through the cafeteria instantly silencing the entire room. I could feel everyone in the cafeteria jump, and hear their shallow breathing, the smell of gun-powder lingered in the air.

After a moment I heard tentative foot-steps approach where the gun-shot had come from. "John," said our school police officer, "Put the gun down." His voice was careful yet stern but apparently that wasn't what John wanted to hear.

He fired the gun three more times and I could hear the sound of Officer McCutchen's body crumple onto the linoleum floor. Some of the students screamed and I could hear McCrery freaking out next to me. For once I was glad I wasn't able to see, the smell sharp smell of blood was enough to make me feel sick.

Next to me, Billy was shaking and I could tell he was close to having one of his fits so I placed my cold and clammy hand on top of his shaking ones. Trina was crying about the loud noise the gun had made.

"Nobody move! Nobody make a sound! Is that understood?" He shouted, his voice was harsh sounding and shaking at the same time like he was sobbing.

I had heard of John. I'd passed him briefly in the hallways. He was dyslexic and was picked on a lot. He was in my grade.

"John please don't do this!" a girl I didn't recognize pleaded. Her voice was heavy from sobbing, "Please, just stop!"

He fired at her. More screams. More gun powdery smell, and more blood.

My senses were on over-drive. I found myself shaking and Billy I could tell Billy was having a seizure. Mrs. McCrery was in too much shock to even notice Billy so thankfully I knew where she kept his pills, I quietly popped the lid off and handed one to Billy who gladly took it.

My poor Trina was sobbing so I held her close to me, my fingers tangling in her soft downy hair.

Someone stood up. "John why the hell are you doing this?" I recognized the voice of Jackson Little, the Badger's star quarterback.

"I'm tired of all of you picking on me!" John hissed, I could hear him raise his gun at Jackson and the cafeteria gasped and Jackson took a step back.

"John!" his voice cracked with fear, "You know we were only kidding around with you! We never meant any of those things we said! I'm sorry!"

Liar. He made fun of everyone mercilessly, especially John.

"Oh sure, Now you apologize. Now that I have this," he fired the gun three more times but not at John, more screams and sobs could be heard and I could smell the blood worse than ever before. It made me want to vomit. "In my hands." I could tell he aimed it back at Jackson.

I could hear Jackson crying, "Please, please John, I'll do anything! Please don't kill me!"

John laughed maniacally in a way that gave me chills. "Beg." He whispered.

I could hear Jackson fall to his knees and begin to sob, "Please, please, please don't kill me, please! I'll never pick on you again. I promise."

"No you won't." Another BANG, and more screams.

Billy began hyperventilating and Trina began screaming and crying loudly.

I could hear John's hurried foot-steps make their way towards us and I was shaking so badly I felt like I was almost having a seizure as well.

"Make the freak stop!" John said. I could hear him reloading the gun, "Or I will."

"I'm not the freak!" Billy screamed at him, "You are! You dumbass son of a bitch!"

John's finger landed on the trigger and I stood up, "Stop! He doesn't mean what he's saying. Don't hurt them." I could feel my breath coming out in shallow gasps and my legs felt as though they would collapse under me. Somewhere in the distance I could hear the sound of police cars approaching our school.

"You don't have to kill anyone!" I felt like I was dying I could barely breath I was so scared.

"You don't know what it's like to be picked on! They need to feel the same pain I've gone through every day since sixth grade!" John was crying again but his voice was full of blinded malice.

"Everyone's been picked on at some point in their lives! It doesn't mean you have to do this!" I could hear the police car wheels crunch on the gravel driveway of our school. John must have too.

"Get down!" A gruff voice entering the school shouted and everyone screamed again.

I heard two shots just then. One from the gruff voice and one from John. I heard two bodies collapse. The police had gotten him. They had killed John, but at the same time, John had killed me.