A.N. - There was a picture prompt used for this poem that I've long since lost. It was anime-style, done in blue and white, with this hollow-eyed girl holding a book and looking at the viewer.


You wouldn't hurt me,
would you?
When I am not me,
lost and alone
with only this book
to take comfort in.

My eyes see
beyond what's here
to another world
where I would rather be.
You, intruder, would deny
me entry to that place.

But which me is it
that you wish to disappoint?
Is it the shy loner
or the vengeful brat
whose ire you wish for
when you unplug me from the world?

For when I am not here,
I escape to far-off lands
where crafts are honed
and secrets unfurled.
The only mystery left
will you stay or go?

This place holds rapture
and hell in its depths.
Like my eyes, you say
but you've not seen what I have.
Come, take my hand
we will navigate this together.

Now, it is not your choice
whether to proceed or not.
By entering unannounced
you gave everything up.
We shall quietly slip away
and take our place as gods.