William Ulrich

New school years are always rough, especially the first day. It's even harder when you have to move at the end of every school year. I hate having to do that. I can't afford to make friends, not lasting ones, anyway. There's no time. At least, now, this pattern can finally end… I hope. It's the first day of my senior year. C.D. Hylton High School Class of 2010, here I come…

William sat in the second floor restroom nearest the science classrooms just before first period. He double-checked his class schedule, matching the room numbers with the little squares on the map he'd gotten from the main office. He checked his watch as a warning bell rang: 7:23 AM, enough time to get to the classroom before the 7:30 tardy bell.

"Ms. Stemmer's probability and statistics class," he muttered to himself. "Room F202." He studied the map one last, quick time and left the restroom.

Walking into the classroom, he immediately noticed his classmates had already settled into their own groups. He chose a seat at the back of the room, close to the door.

The class dragged on until 8:35. Assigning seats, reviewing school rules, and the general "welcome back to school" message from the principal bored even new student William. When the dismissal bell finally rang, he hurried out of the classroom, reminding himself, "Next is Mrs. Herget's sociology class, room E171A."