I'd recognize the handwriting on that note anywhere. And it looks like Jaime's been kidnapped. I guess I'm the only one that can save him. And I was hoping to never have to tell Jaime the truth. I was ashamed, and in the past two months, I realized I didn't want to hurt him, but now, I guess he has to know.

William arrived at the old warehouse just in time. Nervously, he entered the building.

Will walked in the shell of the main shipping room, expecting to find something that would lead him to his friend. It was empty, save old shelves, crates, and forklifts scattered around, forming a vague circle around the edge of the room. He continued in further, and, as if by an unseen hand, the door slammed closed behind him. He turned and walked back to open it again, but he was locked in.

He turned back around, slowly. There, sprawled out, unconscious, on the floor in the middle of the circle of warehouse equipment, was James. Without realizing he truly cared enough to, and without wondering where James was just seconds before, Will ran to his friend's side.

From above the two young men came an eerie laugh. Will looked up as someone jumped down from one of the highest shelves.