Sometimes people crack jokes about you that hurt, but you simply go along with it to avoid the comment, "Can't you take a joke?" and "Why are you so sensitive?"

But they truly hurt, sometimes even scar.

In this poem, I gave each stanza their individual syllable counts. Some goes 7-6-7-6 while another might have 5 for each line.

I felt a lot better after writing this, so I hope you enjoy it. Please read and review!

Just Kidding

Laughter echoes in my ear.
Another joke is said.
An uproar of laughter.
My laugh mixes in with theirs.

But in my head, in my mind,
I am yelling "Shut up!"
They don't know anything;
They don't know know the pain they cause.

Our laughter continues.
But my chest feels heavy.
My tears begin to burst.
Yet they laugh at my tears.

The laughter ends.
Tears continue.
A heavy heart.
Sinking deeper.

A wish to be engulfed in darkness,
Or for an end to this rotten world.
A wish to cease living,
Or the death of others.

Until I hear laughter.
Until I hear my true laugh.
Until my tears flow with joy.
Until theirs flow with pain.

I will crack the joke,
I will make you feel.
Let the cycle continue,
Why expect me to end it?


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