A work of pure fiction entitled: The New World.

It suppress my feelings,

It numbs my mind from the anger,

It helps me relax and diverts my mind to a more pleasurable experience.

It distances me from my emotions buried deep in the hole in my stomach where even I am unable to retrieve them and analyze them, to help myself stop feeling this way.

It fills my lungs, it destroys my internal organs yet it secludes me in a state of bliss which fulfills me.

But after it has burnt out, so does the numbness of my soul and body and I am in state of agitation, longing for the new world ahead of me.

And when I exit the bland streets and sit down, the new world unfolds before me and I am faced with beauty which engulfs me and I drink it's happiness in, pleasurably nourished by its vivid reality, the colors and sounds so much a part of nature which I take refuge to. The obscurity of it is its plain monuments which are so rich in the sunlight. The rocks trickling with dew are home to the sea's creatures and also my very own hideout. The seagulls prance around me, claiming their territory, aggressively shoving each other off rocky islands in the sea. The butterflies flutter past my eyes, flashing colors of orange and black, welcoming me home. The wind flutters in my ear and the thin layer on the surface of the water gently races to catch it.

The serenity I begin to feel when I see the natural world tickles my spirit and washes away the anxiety. Looking out the water I can see cargo ships painted against the sky. And the horizon really does look like the end of the world as if the ships will at any moment slips off it. The clarity of the sky heightens my hope for all the possibilities I could achieve in my life and invites me to touch it. Shutting my eyes and letting go, my muscles begin to relax and I am aware of myself. It makes me feel like I am the only soul on the planet, that everyone is non-existent, no one is watching me; I am totally alone, off the beaten track.

A little plane swerves above my head, making a tremendous noise but never disrupting the peace. The warmth I feel reminds me that I am also part of nature as I induce in its serenity. And when my time has come, I rise and find the track which led me here. I do not take a final look, knowing it will always be here, awaiting my arrival.

Back on dry land where the bush engulfs me and the sea is no longer visible I trudge my way through the twigs and high shrubs, the wind whispering through the grass. There is a vague fear of nature's animals popping out at any moment but I can see the houses just a little way ahead.

All the happiness has evaded me as I look at house after stony house, their ugly structure getting in the way of nature. I dread going back to my corrupt and uncertain life, where every day is a pointless drag of time. But I wait, in solid gratitude, for the day when the wind pricks my ears and lets me know the new world awaits my company.

M.R Grech