Where's the hope?

He's laughing at her,

She's staring back with wide eyes,

Majestic and lively,

Crystal blue shows him the ocean

Which he can't resist delving deep into

His home to the ocean

And she's laughing back

Watching him,

Wondering about his background

He puts on a show

His happy mask

Behind it he's sweating,

She initiates an exit off the train

A little piece of him dies

She gave him life for twelve minutes

And now she's leaving

Why is she leaving?

He needs her because

He can't take it by himself.

The support and comfort,

The nurturing and affection

Is what he misses the most

She can't do this to him again

She can't leave like she did before

The emptiness returns

She steps off gracefully

He rises and tries to get to the doors

They're slipping shut

His stiff limbs dodge the seats

His hand to the door

The train takes off

He's terror stricken

As he sees her beautiful smile

Her slick figure in the darkness

And she smiles at him, always smiling

But is it really her?

His ignorance distresses him

His sudden realization haunts him

The only woman he loved was not with him

She was gone forever

And so was the lady from the train

Gone from his life

His face contorts dramatically in fits of terror

He's lost her again

And now he's fading into the background

Metaphorically he's drowning in sorrow,

Literally he's drowning in sweat

And he wonders when he'll cope again,

Days and days through the summer

The longest days of his life

The train halts,

He hollers

And staggers off

With his imaginary enemy behind him

And the imagined ghosts of the dead

Haunting his memory

Forever until sleep overpowers him

And then he becomes trapped in the nightmares

Of locked cages filled with despair

And blurs of rushed disorientated widows

In black robes

Circle his body, his dead body

Using him to avoid their fate

Desperation taking action, controlling his brain

Throwing him off balance,

Waking him in his bed of deathly coldness

And he prays that they'll stop

In his head he can't escape

There's no going back and there's no running

He carries on but not for long

Just until his nightmares become his reality