Prepared or underprepared?

She stated with a stutter

The others looked on in bouts of silent laughter

She could see the humor on their faces

Lingering intelligently in their eyes,

She pressed on.

The words becoming quickly compressed

Until she could see not individual letters but a swirl of black print.

And in the end it was a hopeless error of under preparation.

It felt bad, real bad to be exposed unprepared

With no real motives or direction.

No real point of finality,

No jackpot, punch line, object or key,

Nothing but hot air was expressed through jumbled words,

Words that had formed earlier on but too quickly to be of any meaning.

The scene died down and the public speaker awoke

Ready to present her speech today in front of the others.

Whether or not the humor would linger on their faces

Could be decided by the outcome of her performance,

Whichever direction she may take;

Prepared or underprepared.

m.r grech.