Heya guys. It's me again. :) Anyway, due to potential issues pertaining to the first chapter of Fate Sangokushi, I've decided to write a short prelude work to the whole thing. Do not underestimate this work of like maybe one or two thousand words worth. Quite obviously it won't be enough to give you all a certain concept on the plot, but at the very least, it will serve as creating the required atmosphere so as to up the impression stakes. :)

And yeah one very important thing as well. Due to the requirements on the main plot's side, this prelude will play the whole time jump format. Simply put, this one shot will be comprising of different scenarios in different stages of the relevant timeline. And one last note of importance: Apart from one single scenario, the rest of the scenes will play by the actual history rules. Meaning everything will be built upon the fundamentals of the actual history. Of course you all won't need any prior knowledge on the history itself since it will only have the impact on the character, not the big picture where the plot is concerned. :)


Sangokushi Zero: The Spear And The Sword

AD 191: The moment where the young dragon reared it's head.

It was mid noon. The blazing sun was casting it's condescending glare upon the countless soldiers preparing for war. The turmoil that they've seen and the sufferings of the people before them. This was the only reason for them to fight. Either for the people or themselves. The pride of Hua Xia has never matter to them, the past glories of the royal Han family only an image in the fool's mind. The debacle caused by Yuan Shao's ineptitude has been for all to see. The alliance meant to stop Dong Zhuo's tyranny has ended up in utter failure despite their target being forced out of Luoyang. In fact it wasn't down to their presence. Sun Jian Wentai was the only person who made it possible. An utter slap in Yuan Shao Benchu's face without a doubt. Most ironic of all however would be the fact that this very ineptitude has confined the integrity of the entire Jizhou itself. For who would trust a person without wisdom not to direct any foolish anger upon him especially if that very individual was the Governor of their province? But yet in the face of such a pervasive cloak of spineless fear, one single individual stood out from his fellowmen as he engaged himself in a conversation with a certain warlord.

"Interesting to say the least," smiled the figure of authority as he surveyed the young lad before him, "I heard that all within your province has originally pledged themselves to the Yuan family, but why is that only you have the wisdom and courage to turn back from error?"

A moment of silence accompanied the sudden breeze as the youth's raven black locks billowed in response. Then he locked stares with his future liege as he spoke out these very words that will shaped his own future.

"The world is now turmoil with no one knowing who should be the able ruler. The people are facing the danger of having their homelands being toppled and after lengthy discussions amongst the province, the conclusion is clear without any doubt: The desire on pursuing the ideal rule of benevolence has to take prioirity over the case of any individuals willing to join you. ."

As those words coursed through his mind, Gongsun Zan, the warlord renowned for routing the barbaric courage of the northern tribes, has for the very first time in his life witnessed a person not of a reputable birth yet having those clear icy orbs that nobody in this world could ever have.

Zhao Yun Zilong, native of Changshan Zhending... is he truly of a civilian birth?


AD 191: Liu Bei's presence as Gongsun Zan's ally.

"The integrity of the Han royalty has been utterly destroyed right from the start. Gaozu's own vision of a society without bias... perhaps it's a flawed ideal never meant to be fulfilled as proven by his own inability to do so. But even then I'm willing to throw the dice with everything I have on the stake. My pride, morals... even deceiving the people who loved and trusted me if I have to do so. Such is the only truth of Liu Bei Xuande..." whispered the man exuding a regal bearing.

"Why then?" said Zhao Yun in reply as he looked at Liu Bei with that very emotionless expression that all around him have grown used to, "Even though you're of the distant royal lineage bearing the surname of Gaozu himself, you don't have to push yourself unto this extent. In the end, you'll be only living a life where the very end will contradict what you should live for..."

"Then why is it that you're going on the same path as well?" asked Liu Bei with a gentle expression only reserved for those who have gained his recognition, "I know why I'm depriving my own happiness, but what about you?"

I don't know... perhaps the truth of Zhao Yun Zilong has been that of a lost soul. My current lord has never understood me, but Xuande... I know that he's different. Not only from Bogui himself, but possibly the entire world...


AD 208: The battle of Changban

"Zilong will not abandon me!"

"Calm down my lord!" exclaimed the sole adviser as he tried to pacify his liege, "We all know Zilong's character. By going northbound, he must have his reason. Think about it: Lady Gan is still within the enemy lines together with Ah-Dou. We all know how much you love both of them especially Lady Gan herself. Do not tell me that Zilong is blind towards your very emotions! I know that you won't feel this way!"

Upon the whistle blower nearly killed by the resultant hand halberd flying into his face, it took a mammoth effort from his followers to calm Liu Bei down. After several bouts of heavy breathing, the future emperor of Shu Han turned to his adviser.

Relay my orders to all under my command, Kongming... no matter whether it's those who are with me now, the twenty plus cavalrymen under Yide right now or the remaining troops under Yunchang: All who slander Zilong will face the pain of death under my sword.


AD 214: Chengdu just after Liu Bei was made the ruler of Yizhou.

"Why is it that you never end up questioning our lord's decision to exclude you from the rewards given to the rest of the court?" asked Zhuge Liang as Zhao Yun sipped his wine without any show of betrayal shown on his features, "Jiangyang has always been a strategic area seen as the southern gate to Chengdu. The hard nature of the terrain plus the quality of the defense mounted in response... by leading the army of an inferior number, you've actually managed to take over that county. Such a show of military talent... surely even with adding together my achievement of taking Deyang and Yide's capture of Baxi in comparison, this very victory accomplished by your hands would be seen as without peer..."

"Then let me ask you this in response Kongming," said Zhao Yun in a quiet tone, "Given the unstable nature that Xuande is facing right now both on the military and political front, do you think it's wise for him to reward me at the expense of all those surrendered vassals? The number of such individuals compared to those our lord originally have even prior to gaining the five counties of Jingzhou... do you think that they will be happy for a person without a reputable birth being rewarded despite reality itself?"

"But The General Who Guards The Army... giving you such a title as the sole reward, do you think it might be too..." Before Zhuge Liang could end his question, Zhao Yun cut off his statement with a single reply.

Xuande is no fool and neither is he without principles... both of us know the duties of such a post he has conferred to me. The right to administer advice together with the default power over the personal guard... it's for the best given the situation before him.


AD 219: Shortly after the battle of Hanshui

Liu Bei could only widen his eyes with awe as he surveyed the place of battle. On route to the main base, the amount of the dead were little compared to that of any larger scale conflict he has been used to seeing. But yet upon reaching the gates of the base, it was then that the number of the fallen has been racked up massively. Such a sight of an outright victory with only the advantage of terrain and mobility granted by leading a unit of light cavalry not even amounting to the seventy mark. Unto such a majestic show of courage displayed, Liu Bei Xuande could only speak out this statement in response.

Zilong is indeed full of valour...


AD 219: The feast held in Zhao Yun's honour after his exploits in Hanshui

"And now to my beloved comrade-in-arms!" hollered a young general as he addressed his peers, "By the decisive courage displayed by General Zhao, we have given that traitor Cao something to chew about. Disrupting the enemy formation with the kind of ability never before seen after which that damned army got owned by the ambush set up beforehand. I suggest that we should give a title to our chief! A title that no one after him will ever be truly worthy of! And that's because I, Zhang Yi Bogong say so!"

Upon his words, the soldiers could only gave a cheer of unified passion in response. Yet it was then when the entire camp got embroiled into numerous heated exchange where they proceed to argue which unofficial title should they give Zhao Yun. Smiling at the joy displayed, Liu Bei finally replied with a rousing tone.

My fellow patriots fighting for the Han family! Let this very debate reach it's end! From henceforth, The General Of Tiger's Might will be a name truly held in awe!


AD 228: The defeat at Ji Valley, end of Zhuge Liang's first northern campaign

The standoff has reached it's climax. No longer could either side afford to play the waiting game. The first one to make the move and the other party's reaction... all would decide the outcome of the fate where his men are concerned. Smiling at what he knew will happen next, Zhao Yun spoke out his final words before he revealed his hand.

"Cao Zhen Zidan, you have grown to be an exceptional leader, but it seems that the battle in Dangyang Changban all those years back have gotten onto your back. Do my lone presence disturb you so much? But you're right to be cautious upon seeing a torch in my hand despite now being daytime. But yet that very stigma caused by our sole meeting before... if you can't win over it, you won't be able to progress. Goodbye."

Upon these final words, Zhao Yun threw the burning torch onto the the head of the bridge. The blaze swiftly consumed everything in it's path. Upon the resultant panic, Cao Zhen proceed to rally his troops. Given all those years together with his men, the respect factor managed to kick in swiftly as the enemy forces retreated without any show of disarray. Upon the sight of the enemy's back, the autumn breeze coursed through the air as Zhao Yun reacted immediately to the burning pain in his lungs. As he observed the crimson blood stained on his hand due to the hacking fit, the last remaining great general during Liu Bei's reign knew that his end was near. With a wistful smile, Zhao Yun Zilong concluded the path of his entire life with one single thought.

No one can ever escape death. A pity that all has to end this way. Xuande, accept my apologies wherever you are in the afterlife because this very life has been concluded with an utter failure. A defeat that I will gladly accept as reality...


Tokyo, Japan. Year 2016 early Summer

"So he's the one that we're looking for?" questioned the mysterious man as he looked at Mashima Ryuji with an intent no different from a wary wolf.

"Yes," smiled Ryuji as his expression swiftly changed for the serious end, "This lad might be rather hard to crack. Shinomiya Kaede, son of Shinomiya Makihisa. You should know his family background and what he has gone through. To gain his trust really requires some real effort."

"Don't try to shit me around Xuande," smiled the unknown individual in response, "You know very well that I'm pretty much in good talking terms with that kid. And don't speak stupid crap on how someone of the Protestant faith shouldn't be swearing. You know that I, Gongsun Zan Bogui has never liked to play by the rules twenty four-seven."

Shortly after their chat has been concluded at this point, a gale roared through the surrounding trees as the photo of his intended target was blown away, the very image of his youthful prey being slashed into half.

I don't know why is it that this kid will be the key to obtaining 'his' Cycle, but for bloody hell I'm not going to play by terms, Xuande. Our ties starting from under Master Zigan's tutelage means absolutely nothing right from the start. As for that brat, well all I can say is what a pity.


Asakura University, Yokohama. Year 2016 Spring.

"Eh I really miss Shinomiya senpai," sighed Aya as she chewed at her broiled salmon, "Why is it that he's still going MIA after two weeks?"

"Well I guess that's because he can't stand the sight of your tits? We all know that it's the greatest WMD in Japan's history," smirked Takeru.

"Okay quiet down the both of you," said Toru with a resigned look as he took his final swig of his green tea soda, "Don't tell me you don't know that Shinomiya got suspended from all school activities for two months, Ganguro?"

"Suspended?" asked the tanned beauty as she cocked her head on one side, "What happened?"

"Forget it Toru," said Takeru as he suddenly groped Aya's breasts from behind, "They say that ditzy girls are recognizable by their majestic assets."

"Unfortunately our friend here has a fully fledged lawyer as her bro," said Toru as his eyes turned into snake mode, "I think he would know better than both of us combined together when it comes to the definition of what constitutes to sexual harrassment. But then again it won't matter now since the school nurse would have been alerted by now. You're no Urashima Keitaro for goodness' sake. Or is it that you've seen too much Love Hina H-doujins?"

"Don't bother about him," said Aya as she displayed that expression that screamed out the image of a tigress while the rest of the students in the canteen crowded around the fallen form of Takeru with his face punched inwards, "By the way you've yet to explain to me why did the suspension kick in?"

"Long story short, Shinomiya was the one responsbile for that stupid Yankee gaijin running around buck naked with only his boxers on. Apparently I've gotten some insider's info that he was acting like a dick towards the Biblical concept of gender equality when Shinomiya was doing some casual discussion with Professor Akanishi of the Theology faculty. Given Troll-miya's character and ability, quite obviously he made that atheist apologist felt like shit. I don't know where he got that god-tiered debating skills on human arrogance, but for sure not only did he owned that stupid gaijin, he even manage to blackmail that idiot to run around in his boxers with that kind of stuff tucked on top of his head..."

During the same time at the Shinomiya mansion...

"Kaede-sama, please don't laugh out too loud here. The other servants will have the wrong idea," said Xiaoyu as she struggled to contain her giggles.

"Well that bloody footage is way too priceless. I'm not gonna trade it for any fortune..." said Kaede in reply as he displayed a similar reaction, "Self righteous gaijin running around with only his boxers on and wearing panties on the head. That plus I've managed to mix in his racist rantings on Japanese upon being stung by my words of wisdom. Boy this is gonna be fucking priceless once I upload this shit on Nico Douga."


Okay so finally this one is done. Just on an interesting sidenote, the second scenario was something that I pulled out of my ass. The backdrop is there, but then again every single damn thing is cooked up. Hua Xia is actually the formal term for China commonly used during the Sangoku era. Also the name Gaozu is the honorary name for Liu Bang, the first Emperor of the Han dynasty. The part in Chengdu is much more ambiguous since whatever that has happened was part of history with the scenario itself intended to highlight this point. As for the final part, it's meant to hammer home the point concerning Kaede's character due to certain issues being raised on the overall characterizing. Damn you Tobias you bloody one hell of a S.O.B! I blame you for this current bout of paranoia. :D (Note; This is just a joke statement. Note that emoticon?)