Dear Papu

Dear Papu

I am your child's child

I am your child

You know me, the real me

You see the potential in me

You see more than what I see

You see what I could be

You call me your Little Black one

Not to inflict pain to my heart

You say it, with affection and love

You know I'm your little dove

You wanted me to be someone

You've already seen this in your heart

You are the master, I am your little art

A white canvas, you gave me to start

You gave me the brush, the pen, the ink

And told me to continue on, and think

You want me to paint the canvas

So, you'd see what I see

You have seen, splashes of colors in my canvas

So, you imagined what I see

You know, I have only just begun

So, you imagined my name in the corner

You, saw me as that someone

And, has seen my name in the corner