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Author's Note: Hello, minna (Minna means "everyone" in Japanese, in case you didn't know)! This is my new story called, "Perspective." I commend you for actually checking this out, despite my suckish summary. I'm no good with them Y-Y But, this story will focus on three main couples with different love situations: Love/Hate, Opposites Attract, and One-Sided. The characters will show up throughout the story, so please wait for them!

Oh, and before I forget, each chapter will begin with a name of one of my characters to show who's perspective it is. And then, maybe a preview of their thoughts, or replays of the other chapters or something, like below. Anyways, I'm babbling too much, so please enjoy! XD

Adeline Maria Hirokitaento

That's it.

I'm pissed out of my mind.

Chapter 1

Now, I might be wrong, but the huge, bold print letters that read "Due 2-4-11" on the chalkboard tells me otherwise.

Okay, let me explain thoroughly.

"As you all know, nobody is buying the school newspapers as much as they did the last two months," Mr. Johnson, the teacher of our Journalism class explained. "We need stories that will catch people's attention; ones that are jaw-dropping… But true."

I gripped my pencil tighter than I did a second ago.

"I will be assigning projects for everyone in groups of two," Mr. Johnson placed the palms of his hands against his desk for support, and eyed everyone intently.

"Everyone, please stand quietly, and choose your partners wisely. This grade will be very important on your report cards, and very important for our class's success."

The sounds of chairs pushing against the floor, and soft whispers filled the room. I looked around me, but found that everyone had already chosen their partners. I sighed. This always happened to me.

Everyone gets to pick their partners; nobody wants me as their partner; I get teamed up with…

"Whoa, Adel and Ryan," Mr. Johnson commented. I crossed my arms. "You two seem unexcited about this."

Of course I wouldn't be happy. I get paired up with him again.

"Will there be a problem between you two?" Everyone knew that Ryan and I weren't on best terms, including the teachers. A lot of things are murmured with along these halls, and the teachers pick up a lot on these little conversations.

"I don't have any problem with it, he does." I cocked my head towards his direction.

"Don't make simple assumptions, Adeline," He spoke my name as if it was venom. "It only makes you look more idiotic than you already are."

The pencil between my fingers snapped. I slammed my fist on my desk, and stood up.

"Stop calling me Adeline, it is Adel, you freaking emo!" I retorted.

"I never said that I wanted to please you, and "emo" stands for emotional, which you can see I am not," he said in his cold, monotone voice. "You really are dumb."

"Shut up, you know-it-all!"

"At least I know better than you."

Now, if you weren't enemies with this guy for so long, you probably wouldn't be able to tell he was smirking at me. Now, that smirk scared the hell out of me, since he barely put any emotion on his face. Once I regained my composure, his words finally sunk in, and it made me think of ways to kill this guy!

In three strides, I was in front of him, and I pulled him up by the collar of his shirt. "I dare you to say it again." I said firmly, fury burning in my eyes.

"You're dumb." His smirk grew just a few centimeters, and that made me lose my mind.

"That's it!" I declared, and punched him right smack in the face. Everyone gasped, but made no move to stop me. The bastard only grinned wider. I was about to throw another punch, when…

"That is enough, Adeline." Mr. Johnson caught my wrist just in time. I took a glimpse at him, and he had a serious look on his unmarred face. I also knew when he called me "Adeline" that that was his final warning. He never calls me "Adeline" until he's really pissed.

I turned my gaze towards Ryan, and saw that he had a smug grin on his face. This guy was like a freaking masochist! He wanted to get hurt!

I loosened my grip on his shirt, and he fell to the floor. No way in hell was I going to let him get what he wanted.

"Excuse me." I uttered, and ran out of the classroom. Everyone was used to these fights between Ryan and I. The cycle always began with arguing, me punching the daylights out of him, and either I get sent to the office, or I run out of the classroom.

The teachers here saw no use in sending me to the principal since it didn't do anything. So, they just let me off the hook. Other than that, it's because I have a weird combination of how I look.

I have tan skin, blonde hair, and green eyes. It just didn't match up. My mom, well, she's German, and my dad was Brazilian. Somehow, I got my dad's skin, and most of my mom's features were dominant on me. Yeah, sure, I look great, but I look like an alien!

Well, not really, just different. Nobody wanted to get close to me, and I'm also talking about the teachers. I look like a delinquent, with a permanent scowl on my face, and the tough- girl look sending signals everywhere. I really was a nice a person, but I had a short fuse, which only proves the teachers right about how my demeanor is to them.

But, soon, the teachers just ignored me, and I thought that I could live with that. At least it was better than being titled a "freak" in their eyes.

But, once all my sulkiness had been thrown out the window, I ambled to the classroom with a better attitude. But, I was still paired up with the jerk. Mr. Johnson just finished talking about when it was due, and all that chizz, so I had no clue.

The dismissal bell had rung before I could ask any further questions, and everyone basically ran out the door, including Mr. Johnson. The only one left to ask was Ryan.

I turned my body towards him to start the conversation. Once I opened my mouth to speak, he interrupted me.

"We're assigned the Sports section. We have to find something good enough to read about it. It's due on October fourteen." And with that said, he made his way out of the classroom with both hands in his jacket pockets.

Hm, October 14th. I have about two weeks to finish it! I thought. After that, I went to my basketball club.

On October fourth, I sat in my seat, glad that it was the last class I had to take of the day.

"All right, please hand me your reports." Mr. Johnson said, right after he was done writing something on the chalkboard. Hm, weird. He didn't assign us any other due reports other than the one on the 14th. I read what it said on the board: Reports DUE 2-4-11. I froze in my seat.


My hands formed into fists, as I rotated myself around to look at the bastard who told me the wrong due date. Said bastard just had his chin resting on the palm of his hand, looking unfazed.

Everyone began to line up to give in their reports, while me and my partner were sitting dumbfounded. Or I was sitting dumbfounded.

The line was beginning to grow smaller and smaller. What am I going to do? This grade was effing important! I bit my nails.

"Adel? Where's your report?" Mr. Johnson asked. Everyone stared knowingly at me, as if they already knew that I wouldn't put much effort into this.

What should I do? Tell a lie? Or, tell the ugly truth?


I decided it was best to tell the truth. "Mr. Johnson, I-,"

"We've finished." A chair was pushed back, and there stood Ryan lending the report to Mr. Johnson at his desk.

"Thank-you, Mr. Hirokita." Mr. Johnson said, stashing all of the collected papers in one of his desk drawers.


My mouth fell all over my desk, shock and relief flooding my insides. When did he get that finished? What did he write about? WHAT WAS HE THINKING!

My mind finally registered that he must've done this on purpose. I narrowed my eyes at him, and he smirked… AGAIN!

I'll kill him!

The class had finally ended, and as always, everyone stampeded out of the room, giddy that the school day was over…. Including Mr. Johnson.

While I was still contemplating what I should do with that bastard, he dropped a few pieces of paper on my desk. I was brought back to reality, and stared at it in wonder.

"What's this?" I asked, holding the papers in my hands.

"It's a copy of the report I chose to do by myself." He began to walk away, when I grabbed him by the hood of his jacket.

"You've got a lot of explaining to do, bastard."

He sighed, and rolled his eyes.

"I didn't want you nagging about how the report should go, so I decided to do it myself," With every word he said, my anger only grew ten-folds. "I normally work by myself anyways."

"You selfish little bastard." As I said this, he began to untangle himself from his jacket.

"Also, I wanted to get revenge for that weak punch you threw at me last week."

You wouldn't even believe how angry I was! I was so angry, that I was shaking!

So, he wasn't a masochist! The bastard was a sadist!

"I hate you." I purposely slowed the words for more emphasis.

"Hmph, good." He put a sadistic smirk on himself (proving me right about his sadistic ways), as if he had won the argument.

"I HATE YOU!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"What? Are you going to put my jacket in your Ryan shrine?"

I finally noticed that I was still clutching on to his jacket, and I cursed myself inwardly.

"Shut the hell up!" I said, as I threw his jacket at him.


I am going to kill this guy…

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Fun-Fact: Each of my characters are based off of anime characters. Adel's looks come from Halibel in Bleach; her situations and attitude kind of come from Momo in Peach Girl. And Disclaimer: I don't own any of the animes I just mentioned! I'll tell you who Ryan is based off of in the next chapter, but he's from Bleach and imaginary ten points for someone who can guess who he is! :D