May 10th, 1889

In the alleyway

Dear little journal,

I have found you in the alleyway alongside the house. How did you get here? It looks to me like you have been discarded in a crate alongside some other interesting objects. There was a page before this entry where someone had scribbled a word over and over again, but it makes no sense to me. This is a blessing for me, little journal! I have been rather lonely lately, and have been looking for some kind of comforting relationship. I suppose that you will have to do, though I'd rather have a regular friend. It is so hard to make friends in Woodvale, little journal! All the girls my age think I'm odd. But really, they are the odd ones. They are so boring, journal. All they do is comb their hair and put silk ribbons in it, and walk around worrying about getting dirt on their dresses. I'd much rather be running around and playing games with the boys. At least I have Thomas to play with. But sometimes it is so hard to get him to come outside. He is so strange! He says he would rather read books and learn his school lessons than play outside. Mother and Father are worried that he won't have any friends when he grows up. He's already like a scholar at just nine years old, but that's not normal. Sometimes I worry about him, journal.

With all my love,