August 16th, 1889

I'm glad that's taken care of. Now that the little pest is out of the way, I'll have to clean up shop and head out. What a stupid little girl. This world has always been so stupid. But while I'm stuck here, I might as well have a little fun, right? The stupid little boy followed me outside last night while I was laying down my last incantation. At least he made it to the grand finale. And how marvelous it was! I have gotten so much better at this. The parents heard me, though. But I scared them off. I found my trunk in the attic—good thing the girl didn't throw it away. I'm only going to take the hand mirror and the quill, though. I'm writing this in the spare journal the girl had, because she likes them. I'm humoring her, of course. My handwriting is so big compared to hers—it's taking up pages just writing this! The things my hosts do to me. I hope you find this, Santiago. And most importantly, I hope you find me. I'm thinking about heading down to New Orleans. It's fun there. I've no use for this stupid diary any longer, so I'll leave it here alongside my old Charmed doll. The girl has sewn the name 'Martha' onto its arm. What a stupid name. I can't wait to get out of this place. Well, I hear gunfire outside the house. I guess the parents have come back. Good, this will make my leave all the more fun. Enjoy your new house, Thomas.


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