Twisted Dimensions

Chapter 1: Moonlight Kisses

She was running. Running faster than should ever be possible on two legs. No, wait. She was on four legs, speeding toward some unknown destination. Since when did she have four legs? That wasn't quite right…

She didn't know where she was going, and truthfully she didn't know from where she had come. Things were blurring past her, going too fast for her new eyes to follow. Her sight was different. She had different eyes too now. They were bright blue, according to the reflection in a pond as she stopped for a drink. Not only that, she had fur. A mark rested between her eyes, like some sort of tattoo. It looked like a sort of mangled cross, completely white so it was visible against her dark coat.

She blinked, a realization dawning on her. She saw another reflection in the pond. It was a great white orb. She looked up at the sky, and now saw what she had been dreading unconsciously. The full moon.

Selena howled loudly toward that damning moon, wishing that she wasn't howling, but rather screaming, like she should be. She was human. She wasn't some freakish wolf thing. How did this happen? She didn't even believe in this kind of crap. She hated Twilight with a passion, unlike every other goddamn girl in Pittsburgh, yet she was the one who had to change into a wolf during a full moon. Any other girl would want this chance-to become the very thing they fantasized about. Not her. Selena didn't want to be some sort of furry freak.

She howled again, slowly and sadly. This time she could've sworn she heard another howl answer her back, than two, than five.

Selena tried unsuccessfully to block out the noise by covering her pointed triangular ears with her paws. The sound still made it through to her sharpened senses.

She crawled away, hiding underneath a park bench, waiting for morning to come, and thought about how this had happened. And more importantly…why.


That was my first transformation. The first, and not the last.

I hated it, hated what I became, and what I'm always doomed to become. A wolf at night and a fifteen-year-old girl in the daytime. I've lost everything—I left my family months ago. The only reason I still think about it is when I walkpast a photo of a familiar blonde girl with brown eyes that says missing in bold letters. That wasn't me. Not anymore. My hair had grown darker, turning to a dark shade of grayish black with some odd red tints in it. Now my eyes were an icy blue.

Now all I had really had left to my name was a beat up guitar and a job, along with fur and claws that never really went away. Some mornings I would wake up with a feather stuck between my teeth. Other mornings I would wake up in some unknown corner of some unknown city and have to find my way back again.

I learned to control it, just barely. If I stayed in my apartment with all the windows covered and light coming from every corner, I could keep the beast back. Soon I could do it easily enough, but some nights the moons pull was just too strong and I'd be running rampantly through the streets, my final piece of control shredded by my own claws.

The days weren't as bad. I could be normal—to a degree. I had a job at one of the millions of Starbucks, playing music for eight or nine hours a day. I got to drink as much coffee as I wanted and got paid well enough. It just didn't make up for the fact that I couldn't live with my family because of what happened. My family are diehard Christians. I'm not. I decided to become an atheist, because I just don't believe in God. I don't mind people that do. I just don't. They nearly disowned me for that. Who knows what they'd do if they learned I turn into a freakish wolf thing at night. Probably try and stab me with a silver pin in my sleep. Put silver powder in my cereal before breakfast. I don't know. I couldn't take the risk of hurting them accidentally either.

"When you feel so tired but you can't sleep…" I sing in my best voice. "Stuck in reverse…" I love singing. Combine it with the soft chords of the guitar as I strum and I find it relaxing. Money falls into my open guitar case, even though I always put up a sign saying, No donations. I don't want their money. Yeah, I need it, but it just makes me feel like I'm too desperate. Besides. I'm not that good at playing guitar and singing. I look up at the person who threw money in the case and frown at her, trying to convey that I didn't want her money.

An odd tattoo on her forehead grabs my attention. It looks like a stylized Fleur-de-lis, drawn with pure black ink. The tattoo is set between and a tiny bit above her eyes, going down a quarter of the bridge of her nose and stopping. Her hair is stark black, a single chunk bleached white.

"May I talk to you for a moment?" She asks politely.

I consider and stop my song, saying into the mike, "I'll be back in a moment folks." People continue sipping their coffee after giving me a sideways glance and a few people clap.

She pulls me to the back of the coffee shop, where it's completely barren of people.

"You wanna tell me, what you're doing, running around without a clan?" She asks, her voice taking on a whole new shade.

"What are you talking about?" I squeaked, suddenly wishing I hadn't stopped my song part way through to talk with a loony.

"This!" She answers impatiently, pointing to the tattoo on her forehead. "You're not marked with a clan!"

"A clan for what? And no, I don't have a weird tattoo like you do."

She sighs and stares at the table for a moment before looking back up at me with soft eyes. "You're new. Aren't you?"

"I guess so, cause I have no clue what you're-."

"You're a werewolf. Correct?" She lowers her voice, even though no one is around.

All can do is stare at her. "How did you know that?" I manage to say.

"Because. This," She said, tracing the tattoo on her forehead, "Is a wolf mark. All werewolves have it. Every one of them is different. You have one."


"You can't see it. Not with a normal mirror. Only other wolves can see it without aid."

"And what about that clan thingy?"

"A clan mark is a mark that melds with you're mark. And you don't have one."

"Oh…" I say slowly. "Should I have one?"

"If you want to stay alive longer than ten minutes, yeah!" She was back to her slightly mad tone of voice.

I can't believe I'm even talking about this in the open. What am I thinking….I'm gonna get myself killed just thinking about this stuff….It's bad enough that it haunts me every night.

"Come on," She says, standing up. "We have to go see Celestia."

"Who's that?" I ask, getting up, "And I don't even know who you are! And I can't just leave work!" By the end of that sentence my voice reached about three octaves higher than normal.

"I'm Ravyn, and yes you can." She says easily, dragging me outside by the scruff of the neck like I'm no more than a disobedient puppy. Which, according to her, I am.

This was going to be a long day.


Hiya guys :D yeah I know, another project! :P I have issues :P anyways, this story is my attempt to redeem the the werewolves and vampires frm there Twilight situation. I've read Twilight but I don't see the fascination of it. It's not so great that I would drop my entire life to scream amongst a crowd of rabid girls about how much better Jacob is than Edward.


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