Chapter 2: Halloween Forever


"Yes, father?"

"You said you found where the wolves hide?"

"Yes, father."

"Ready the forces; we siege tonight."

"Celestia…" Ravyn called out. "I found someone you might want to talk to." We had arrived at a huge rundown mansion, out in the middle of nowhere. From the outside it looked abandoned and decrepit, but the inside was well furnished, with many other werewolves walking around, some human, other actually wolves. All of them were girls though- not a single male in sight.

The woman standing with her back turned to us threw a glance over her shoulder, and I caught a glimpse of pure icy blue eyes, striking and hard to miss.

"One moment." Her voice is a beautiful one—every word is almost like music. Without thinking, I stand on my toes, as if that will give me a better view. Celestia is tinkering with some little item meticulously, and only after she finally sticks all the tiny pieces together and sets it aside does she turn to face us.

Celestia was blind. Her waist length white hair should have been a dead give away, but even so, know I could tell for certain. Her eyes didn't move. Instead she sniffed the air.

"You found another of our kin?" she questions, sounding unimpressed, but interested.

"Yes. But she doesn't have a mark."

"So?" Celestia wasn't trying to be mean. I could tell by her tone of voice. She just wanted to be sure she knew what Ravyn meant when she said that. She walks right past us, one hand out as she reaches for something she can't see.

Ravyn carefully pushes the flask Celestia was aiming for a little closer, until the blind woman finally brushes her fingertips against the cool glass and grabs it.

"Can we allow her in to our clan?"

"Does she know what will happen?"

I shake my head numbly, then remember Celestia can't see it and squeak out, "No, not really."

"You are rather young," The leader says thoughtfully. "When you join with a clan of werewolves—especially one as large as ours—it can be very…overpowering…to say the least." She pours the amber liquid out of the flask and into a nearby mug, and then dumps some sugar in it. She takes a sip before continuing, "When you join a clan, you can communicate with all of us. We become you're family, sisters that can literally tap into your mind as you can tap into ours."

"How many are in the clan?"

"Currently, forty-one. We have needed someone to even things out since the death of Blackpaw."

"Blackpaw?" I say in question. Surely that couldn't be his real name.

"We all have names we prefer to be called by. Most of us abandon our true names after we change." She explains simply, adding another teaspoon of sugar into her tea.

"Oh…so you're saying I'll be one of you?"

"Yes, if you wish it."

"Fine…I'll do it…"

"I warn you," She says lowly, "You must stay loyal to your sisters. We are family above all else, including lovers."

"I promise," I say, certain this was the right thing to do.

She smiles and reaches forward without guidance, pressing the pad of her thumb against the middle of my forehead. Her touch is cool and inviting, and it seems where she touches me, a warm tendril climbs in through my mind and spills down throughout my entire being.

That's when it turns to be a little painful. I cringe at the feeling that every bit of knowledge in the world is being crammed into my head, and it's going over my limit. I can hear voices, most of them whispering hello's, some of them telling me names…

I squeeze my eyes shut as it starts to slow. The voices still remain, but now it's not like an entire army trying to speak at once. I can pick out each voice.

"Hello, I'm Silver Rose. You can call me Rose, if you'd like."

"Hello," I answer back in thought.

"I can introduce you to everyone if you'd like." Rose continues. "We're going hunting tonight."

"Hunting?" I question, as Celestia smiles and has me follow her downstairs to one of the spare bedrooms in the mansion.

"Yes, we all go out in pairs of two across the state and find food. One goes as a wolf for meat, the other as human for items less perishable. I will go with you, if you wish."

I smile. "That would be great. Thanks,"

"You can even go looking for the meat- that's the fun part," she sounds sincere, but doesn't seem to realize how repulsing that is to me. even as a normal human, I'd never been a big fan of meat. As a wolf, I as always afraid that the flesh between my teeth might be human.

"Thank you," I say, though I'm thinking about how I might get out of it later.

"I'll come find you- I'll introduce you to most of the girls, and show you around the mansion."

"Um, okay..."

I sit up and rub my head. Rose's presence is gone from my mind- and now I feel like I'm missing a part of myself.

A minute later, a girl peaks in. "Found you!"

I smile at her, "Hi Rose,"

She takes my hand and starts dragging me, obviously excited. She started spewing out random facts and directions on how to get where beore she suddenly stopped and said slowly, "What is your name. You never told me."

I think for a long moment, trying to decide on a good name I'll probably go by for the rest of my life. A smile warms my face as I say, "I run from everything- my past, my parents, my home...My name is Winterwind."

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