It's funny how it all suddenly just ends.

Life fades away in just a few seconds.

But as it drifts away, it leaves behind

So many good old memories in our mind

That our broken hearts feel heavy,

That our broken hearts openly cry,

Plunging into another deep sigh.

You never even notice the small little things

But their memories can now make you cringe.

The simple images flooding all your dreams,

The sounds making the whole house scream.

You never know what you have till it's gone.

Then you're desperate to cling to it, to hold on.

You want to do anything to get another chance,

To say all the things you never did just this once.

You miss the physical presence all around you.

You need to reach out and touch again, you want to.

Pictures in your mind in colorful hues play on loop.

Your broken heart openly cries, your eyelids droop.

Life fades away in just a few seconds.

Who knows why destiny snatches friends?

We say goodbye through a shower of tears,

Our hearts pray to God to send a miracle here.

But death is sadly always irreversible.

Try as you want, all prayers will fail.

In just a moment heart would stop beating.

Breathing ceasing, consciousness fleeting.

They'd be staring at you with half-open eyes,

You feel helpless, your broken heart openly cries.

You wish you could do something to ease that pain.

You wish you could go back to the beginning again.

But then their eyes would shut closed for good.

Their once lively bodies would stiffen like wood.

Your heart will skip a beat in sheer disbelief.

And you will openly cry, it hurts so very deep.

If I meet God someday I would ask,

If He thinks He's doing a good task

By letting criminals and terrorists roam free

With innocent people dying everywhere I see.

Death is the ultimate defeat.

I know that life can end any minute.

And while that stone statue in temples watches

Everything happening silently, like a spectator,

I'd do everything in my capacity to enjoy life,

I'd do everything I can to make it all better.

Right now my broken heart is openly crying,

As I have to live through a loved one dying.

I'm filled with many memories and regrets,

Anger and complaints towards God and fate.

But soon I'll pick up the pieces

And stand up again on my feet.

Death can take away all I have,

I'm not gonna cry to satisfy it.

Right now I feel like my life is torn.

But somewhere else someone is being born.

This cycle of life and death and life

Will always continue.

Our broken hearts would keep on crying,

No matter what we do.