The dark night set into my bones as i hunched over, holding my stomach as the pain overwhelmed me all over again. My heart started to beat again after all these years and i spewed over the forest floor, a multicoloured montage of what i last ate. Blood. I brushed my blonde hair out of my eyes as i got up again, trying to run. I felt sluggish and slow after all the years of super speed. I felt...human. But let me start from the beginning so then you may understand.

About five years ago a teenage girl, the age of 18, was walking through the streets of Venice engulfing the life around her. She was walking home from her school, passing by the water streets and watching the reflections show her what was passing by. It was like every other day. No indication of anything was going to be different, that anything was going to horrify her and welcome her to her undead life. She came to her house, an old cottage in one of the back street alleys along one of the main roads. The brick work and the black wood roof didn't show her anything different. Just the place she and her sister had grown up in and the place where her dreams had seemed to have come alive. As she opened the door she called out to her parents and sister. When she heard no answer her small form slipped through the doorway and she closed the door, worry filling her green eyes. She wandered through the house, still calling out, panic starting to make her heart hammer. She heard a weak scream for help up in her father's office. She dropped her bag instantly and ran up the steps, to the source of the noise, recognising her sister's voice. She flung open the door to bear witness to a boy about the age of 19 sucking the life from her sister. Her sister saw her and looked with pleading eyes. "Run". That was the only warning she needed. She bolted from the office and was halfway down the stairs when the boy jumped down from the top landing. He landed in front of her, cocking his head to the side, his eyes fully black as if his pupils had enlarged so they covered his whole eye. His smirk danced on his lips as she started to back away from him, backing away from her only exit she had. He reached out and caressed her pale cheek and she jumped away, shuddering at the coldness of his hand, like touching white fire. "No need to be afraid of me...i won't hurt you Scarlett Green". His smooth voice, like silk, danced around her and she found herself taking a step towards him. She shuddered when she realised what she had done and turned to run up the stairs. His arm shot out and held her arm. She turned and tried to pull away from him, yanking her arm as hard as she could to no prevail. She looked at him again and realised that his eyes were normal. They were a mystic type brown colour, like a babbling brook. His black hair hung in his eyes and his smirk still hung on his tanned face like a constant logo.

"Scarlett Green, do not struggle. It will only make things worse. We need you and i do not intend to kill you. Only to take your life. I didn't want to kill your family but they left me no choice. They would not hand you over". As he said this he moved closer to her, her body weakening and his mouth moved near her neck. "Besides, the bite is a privilege". And with that he sunk his white fire teeth into the bare flesh of her neck.