In Alfheimr College

About the dark and light elves in Norse mythology, in the Thorworld.… Algrim has been their mentor. Set before the Tales of Asgard events: where the Dökkálfar and the Ljósálfar elves are instructors in the Asgard and Alfheimr Academy for practical magic and skills. This is the first time I'm doing a fanfic about school life and this fandom, at the encouragement of Muyany my regular pal! Dedicated to u and Z. my main charac has part of your nickname. does not appear to be gushing abt my Favorite Cute/hot guys rite? XD

soundtrack: FMA Scandal, the movie itself, Aoki Flame, Daiya no hana

Chapter 1 Reslin's Orientation

I was late for my first day at the Alfheimr academy. Damn it! My father had made me take my baby brothers to bathe, and some stupid chores. Yea that was our stupid family value, work to the last minute. Before I ran off I got the earful of make our village proud! Blah blah, I muttered to myself. Still my mood was adrenaline, I was going to be independent and look at some hot Elves over there! Whole new culture. I looked frantically for the pickup point at a huge field. Pegasi were taking off. Just as I reached a blue Pegasus, "Wait for me!" Braun my determined rival and longtime thorn in the side, leapt onto its back and took off. The fluttery feather sound was strange, I expected silent wings.

Braun made a monkey face. I shook my fist. I hoped Elves didn't penalize tardiness.

Luckily I had decided to pack only the necessary amount of things, one bag so I had plenty of stamina to run. "Please please wait for me!" How was I to hitch a ride to another Realm? Without a pegasi? Oh man!

Then a nose nudged my shoulder. An orange Pegasus with rainbow colored mane snorted in a friendly manner.

"Hello girl! May I?" It was necessary to be kind to your mounts. She bowed one leg for me to mount up. The horse took off though I was not a lightweight.

"Oi Res you're going to Alf too? " called Mira my best friend.

"Woohoo! Yay I can't wait to see the cute race of special beings!" I beamed. Mira rode upon a pure white Pegasus, a placid male. Due to farming experience I knew which were male and female.

Mira was rich, brill and expected to deliver results.

This was a rare chance, I could enroll as this was the reward from an Elf. He was saved by my father from starvation, turned out to be some Lord or duke. Fully sponsored, food lodgings and a stellar education! It will be six terms before we break for the holidays, but I wasn't gonna be homesick. Alfheim has always been my dream destination! Riding on this girl was already an achievement!

Then my huge bubble of ecstasy burst- my horse decided to bank sharply and stop midflight. I met the ground, headfirst! Felt my bones give way but I had no pain. My pack dropped like a stone. I cursed and sat up.

"Oh dear! Are you hurt? Poor child!" a lilting voice asked, as a firm hand supported me up. one hand rested upon my head. I looked up. Warmth like the sunrays, brilliant golden locks and angular face with sharp ear tips. I swooned. A Light elf! Wow, I've dreamed of this moment. My heart would not stop.

"Are you alright?" he repeated with the lovely accent. I shook my head, my face hot. The handsome guy wore a flaming red and white robe, helping me up. Somehow his name was Hallien, that got through and the rest was buried in my buzzing head. He would be my most helpful and reliable escort during my time here.

"Come to the infirmary. Falling like this could mean serious repercussions. And you don't feel it, which worries me…." He was continuing.

I nodded. Nothing hurt anymore. "Thanks, Sire. I've always been clumsy. Not to worry, I'm tough." He chuckled. Others were standing in some assembly with the students in the square. The day was partly cloudy. Pegasi landing strutted to a meadow. Thousands of his brethren with all colors of hair were busy. Hallien's hands were warm, emitting a light glow as he examined me. I sat on a table. Anther physician, short and young looked at me in amazement.

"I believe you're fine. Completely." He had a soft voice and his green eyes were large in his boyish face. I said umhm. Both stared at me entranced. Hehe. Most of us weren't weaklings.

"Oh no, what am I supposed to do? We get picked or we pick a tutor, or master?" I hadn't read the handbook. Only that we were to be here by 930am but now it was already 1015! Bloody late! I scrambled to get up.

"Relax, you are… Reslin. I see. (looked at my nametag) you will first be divided into batches and do a simple test. There're main form classes, with many of you and also each person has an instructor. According to specializations. I will be in the Magical arts department, hope to speak with you soon. I'll lead."

He walked me to the place where the head was giving a speech of welcome. The Academy rose mahestically in a wide circle structure, ivory with flashy windows. We were given a tour, and later split further into some groups. Mira stayed close by with some of the people I had seen. I noticed a certain dark figure, wearing black too, with burning amber eyes and flowing white hair watching us. Huh? I rubbed my eyes.

Nope not dreaming. What was he doing here?

Mira hissed. "So I heard you got close to a cute Elfie already? Hehe what's his name?"

She'd got to be joking. "It's an embarrassment, he Saw me fly off and land flat on my face I could have died right there! Hm I'll point him out to you later." I hoped also I wouldn't need to be selected by that dark fellow. He was regal, hands behind his back and spoke to a fair elf. That was the point, everybody looked white! Except him.

"Seen that man? He's… um a dark drow." I whispered.

Mira trembled. "Ya I've heard of how ferocious they are warrior class, wolves summoners, black alchemy, raising dead and so on. Levitation."

Oh. I didn't feel scared, though I should be. Just, surprised and why… next, we would break for a meal, rich in flavors.

We did a simple written test about ourselves. "Please write your subjects of preference on these blue forms. It is fine if the decision of the main branch of your studies goes later… you have up to a month to change it" Ok awesome! I wrote 1. Science animals as I had major interest in this. The words melted in as I inked it into the paper, as a calligraphy. 2nd: magic casting basic level, my fam wanted me not to be violent and all that, eugh. I was going to learn this too, or it'd be so boring studying only written. 3rd: maths. I added in healing arts so I could maybe see Hallien later on. I'd try to make some wounds so he'd come to me.

I wasn't surprised at my lack of pain. We always had Mending skill, a passive ability though I didn't know why. At first grade, I had smashed the glass to save a bird falling outside. Then I jumped out and landed safely. My blood was only a little. of course kindness went unrewarded and I got detention for busting a hole in the expensive windows. The adults hollered, " FOCUS RES! You're second after your smart elder brother, for gods' sake. Don't disgrace us! Go learn something valuable, brute strength is useless."

All of us could go to our dorms, two to a room unless you were mega rich and had one room to yourself. The orientation was done in a flash. Everyone of us would get a main guide and personal mentor. In other words, a hot guy Elf to play with!

Private sessions would consist of just one or the most 2 pupils so the mentors would concentrate on grooming us. Mira had put maths first, her favorite, 2nd languages of Asgard (that was my fourth choice after healing), and something else. I could learn languages quickly, it was dullto me. Our other pal was Kruz a sensible boy who didn't act childish. He had chosen Science, art sketching and toolmaking. Maybe we'd be in the same formclass.

Most time would be spent with the personal mentor. I hoped mine wouldn't be merciless and evil.

After breakfast, we would go the formclass first to find out the results. The two of them were Lariel a pale frosty woman with blue lips. She was more friendly than Irian a sullen longeared summer elf. He was teaching history. He just folded his arms. I waited for the slip of paper with my name. I was called. Braun sat on either side of me. Braun chuckled. I opened the slip, the venue was printed, and then the name: Algrim Kerestial.

It was a nice, albeit, grim serious name. hmm wondered how he would look like. Braun got Lariel. We had cellphones charged by solar power and were allowed to text with them only outside class. Calls would be quite expensive. I didn't plan on calling back, as my family didn't have a phone either. I would write back.

I got a text from Mira, when we were split for other briefings. Hey who u got?

Algrim. U?

Oh god! That's him, the drow! That black guy, oh shit.

What? I almost dropped my phone. How the heck did she know that? We met outside the library stone chairs. She grabbed my arm. I KNOW about him! He's the advisor to King Odin and Thor and Loki. He's famous. If she didn't use her inner voice, she'd be shouting. I shrugged.

"Hm I don't know if I can switch. Never mind. Who's yours? So happy."

"Faradei!" she sang dancing. "He's soooo hot. He'll come later but I don't mind the wait. We're getting someone else meantime. I hope you survive, Res," she said. Never mind, I was mentally prepared, though remembering his physical and hostile form I was still nervous. I got into the library.

"Hi can I read about the drow, the Svartálfar?" I had copied the norse words. She gasped.

"Pardon me?" she looked shocked.

I repeated dully. The woman asked me to wait, she ran through the cards, still the card system. The most informative book with pictures, so I opened it. The first picture was of a fanged angry elf dark as pitch. Traits: fierce, honor, agile,tricky, enemy to Frostgiants and some refugees in Asgard….

I want to meet Algrim without fear! The time was 2pm. Again I'm going to be late! Why am I so screwed up? I had lost track of time and was inside the huge library. Finally I hit a shaft until it gave way. Forget the main entrance. Then I rushed.

The guy's study according to the little signs, was located on the highest floor. I didn't pant. Cloaked in shadows. Only a single magic purple orb lighted the stairway outside. Before I knocked, the double doors swung open silently facing inwards. "Hi I'm Reslin, sorry I'm late, Sire? Master? " I tidied my hair. "Hello?"

I must be in the wrong place. I peered into the general inkiness of the room. Somehow I made out a desk in the centre. Algrim could also read in the dark? Impossible. Surely he'd need a bit more light. Helllloooo, I thought.

"Ah yes here." He was behind me! I jumped and turned around. Only his white locks and brows were visible. I couldn't tell if he was angry, too soft. I braced myself. "I have been reading about you, my student. Come, take a seat."

Just as I wondered how to, as I felt blinder than a bat here. His cool hand took mine firmly… the room was then brightened slightly by some orbs. Now I made out a soft cushioned chair and one more, set ready. The file with my name was open, on an ornate desk with gargoyles on one leg. I gulped.

The entire room was painted a light color. I sat down, fingers pressing the cushions. Yay! I almost leaned back to sleep. Algrim stood in front, his chair untouched which reminded me to be alert. I kept my eyes trained on him, he was very slim, wearing a simple blackgrey and lacey collar. His skin was the same pitch, I couldn't figure where his clothes began… stark white hair fell past the shoulders. No elf cut hair. Even his lips, the only exquisite color of his eyes a bright amber regarded me with curiosity.

Oh yea how do I look? I'm a raven haired slightly plump girl about six feet with boots (now I'm shorter without those) and my hair is always messy. I felt like an ugly animal. He smiled a little. I focused on the numerous books on the shelf behind him, and then I noticed his elegant hands were crossed on the top of the chair, clasped loosely. Nails were sharp. I imagined him tearing into flesh. No no don't think. A breath was taken. "Can I ask you some questions?" he spoke quietly. In the split second I shifted my gaze, the elf was in the chair now. His legs were crossed.

The only drow I knew about was Drizzt do'urden, from a fiction. The guy was a warrior and friendly. The info from the library reading loomed menacingly. But I forced it back.

"Errr…. Okay." I muttered, stuck out my hand. Algrim cocked his head quizzically. Oh they probably didn't shake hands for tradition. But as I moved my hand back embarrassed, he clasped mine once. His grip was warm. I blinked. "I'm- stunned. To get you," I croaked.

Didn't know why I said that! I'm a dolt! I should at least try to be kind to a black guy even if he's weird and scary…. Crap! Mentally I slammed myself against a brick wall.

Algrim did not speak for sometime. He seemed to be considering this. Then he replied honestly, "I see. I suppose seeing me, a dark elf among the others, is frightening. People have mentioned that. Which is your preference to be called, Reslin Q'restia Phoebe Andriel?"

I smiled, nobody had ever read out my full name so formally, with reverence! All of his pronunciation was precise. My teacher had a faint accent, like the Light elves and yet different. A text came through in my pocket.

It was electric, yet fun to be talking to this drow. Haha he was not upset by my lateness. Phew! "You can call me Res, or Ray everyone does. The rest are my father's and ancestral names much too long."

Algrim underlined it and introduced himself. I need not call him Mister or Master or surname. Just his name sufficed. He had lived here in this Realm for years. But he didn't say why he was here. Where his family or his real home could be… I burned to ask, as I half listened to what he touched on, about subjects and life here. Algrim seemed openminded. I forgot about the books' info and relaxed.

"Are you, have you always lived here?" I asked.

He nodded, opening his right hand palm up. "Yes. I have another home in Asgard, where I am needed. Here, your interests are animal science, Magic basic level. May I know what that is supposed to mean?"

"I hope to do something more, um practical and be graceful. I mean I like books, but it'd be a good balance."

Then he wanted to know, "What are your expectations of me? Before we proceed?"

What did I….. blank. I watched how long his black ears were, tips and almost nice to touch them. I laughed nervously. "I'm fine with anything. Really, fireballs would be cool to use. Like self defence and those purple thingies flying. They're so cute. And, um science is my favorite area coz I am on a farm back home. I like the animals."

Algrim's eyes were larger at this moment. The pause went on for longer but I had said my piece. It was comical that here I am, expecting this drow to growl and holler at me. Everything he said is so soft and calm. I doubt he had a huge temper…

He closed his eyes slightly. "All right, I understand. This is good Reslin. I used to have only male students. Perhaps it shall be a different method. Hm… I prefer a calm quiet environment like this and to be respected. In order to know about magic, I wish to assess if you have the potential and ability to. It requires a certain level of mathematics. How much do you know?" His tone was stronger now and the questioning level had increased.

I seemed to have to answer to a lot of stuff. Sigh. "I know how to count eggs, apples. Before in school sometime ago, I don't do well. Really? I have to?" I pictured being swarmed by numbers on all sides. I definitely agreed, calm and quiet were wonderful and nice. On my realms we were always screamed at or hit. Then it meant this guy would try to be nice to me.

Algrim smiled wider, his sharp canines showed more. I danced between worry and happy. He made a prayer gesture. "Yes, it is real. I am pleased to be here with you. Now, I will start. I have a short paper prepared, as a general gauge of your level. Feel free to ask, since you're new here and I will help you with the documents." I inwardly groaned and smiled.

He invited me to sit at his desk. Eight questions on the paper, then Algrim disappeared. Huh? The light was better to read with. It was a mix of maths and language questions. I chewed my pen. The 4th one was an essay, bigger white space provided- please write what you want to know more of (for freelance discussion). There were some multiple choices. I am keen to learn more of this place, and elves, lore, culture and religions. But I also have to do some maths and science which my father wants and expects me to do so. (decided not to talk about the arguments we had) I like magic, want to have some other talent… I think my only skill is physical brute force. Because I do not get hurt.

Hmm would Algrim mind if I wrote back something. What is freelance…? I skipped the equations knowing nothing about those and did what I could. Then my phone vibrated again. Ack, I can't answer now. Looking around, he was gone.

I peeked at it under the table. Hey u ok? Are u dead? And: Is Al torturing u? Luv fara's pal, he's so cute! I smiled and pressed a few to reply…

"Is that a phone I hear? That tapping?" that voice cut the silence. Algrim? As an 'Al' I couldn't picture that. Hehe.

"Sorry." I pricked my ears trying to see where he was coming from. The other corners were still shadowed. "I am almost done." The curtain lifted in the far end of the room and he moved. Pale hair was tied back now. Algrim was in green shift, different design. He could hear me from there!

Evenly, the elf said, "I would appreciate if my student does not use a device when I am here. Today I don't wish to be angry. I happen to read your mind. It's humorous." The drow was directly behind me and my hairs prickled. Oh dear this meant every single thought I had just popped up with had been received. I filled up number 8 and pushed the paper to the centre.

"I won't, I don't know how to do the rest. Sorry."

I watched him reading, standing beside me. He felt warmer. "Look. For this you can open the brackets. That's the rule, and…." Explaining with a pencil, Algrim drafted at the side. I followed accordingly. He browsed the rest and nodded. He did look nice in green, in the light. It somehow softened his age and scare factor. I attempted to block my mind. Also, I noticed he wrote with his left hand but his script was beautiful and not awkward. Magic-users normally write like that. Cool!

"Thank you. I find this rather helpful, and I will think about how to conduct lessons. Are you more of a practical approach person, or do you like notes and reading up?"