I stared through the gates keeping us separated from the extremely long yard leading to the building behind it. I'd always wanted to see this place, but now that I was here, all I could look at was Alex. He looked at me and smirked before throwing a pair of shades on.

I shoved my hands in my pockets and glanced around while the driver and the passenger in the front seats got out of the car. Nobody seemed as nervous as me. I felt the pit of my stomach drop and my nausea came back. I hadn't felt this bad since the first real fight Alex and I had.

That night, my stubborn streak had gotten the best of me. We'd both long forgotten what the original fight was about. Knowing us, it was something as stupid as leaving socks on the floor. Regardless of what it was, it was merely an excuse to get into a fight and it mutated into something else. I don't remember what I screamed, but his words burned in my memory and they would remain there forever.

"Don't think you were so special, Jacob, I was going to fucking kill you!"

He never raised his voice to me. Not since he scolded me, brought me home, and ripped me to shreds. Yeah, I was stubborn and I thought I was the shit at times, but when he yelled at me I instantly fell apart inside. I remember being so shocked when he continued talking.

"Yeah, I watched you every day for weeks." he said, much more calmly. "Always so scared, yet you always left with a pretty girl somehow." he finished, seemingly distant.

"Then I'd never see her again." he muttered, looking straight at me.

His eyes may be green but they are capable of shooting an angry fire so hot into your soul that you'd swear they were bright red sometimes. I swear there was hatred in his eyes. Back then, he still resented me over this. To this day it still hurt to think that he was going to actually kill me.

How lucky was that? To this night I still fucking wonder what it was that made him want to save me. Alex himself doesn't even know and it disturbs me to no end.

After a while I finally understood what was going on and why he killed other vampires. Technology had come so far, and humans were so advanced now. I could press a button and talk to someone on the other side of the world. I could record news while it happened and upload it to the Internet for everyone to see. It was only a matter of time before the vampires as a race were discovered.

"Heard you got sick, kid." Mo said with a smirk on his face while he playfully hit me in the back. I coughed from being startled. My mind was everywhere but here and I was terrified. "It's just the President, dude, I'd hate to see what you're going to do when it's the UN." he teased.

I eventually came to terms with Mo. He was a douche bag, he was a manipulative asshole and he was definitely a prick but he had his reasons. Sometimes I would start to think he wasn't so bad as long as I didnt let him get too close. I had to trust him though, I didn't have a choice. It wasn't long before I realized he was way up there with the Elites. I'm talking like... The President for the North American Region type deal. He could truely spit an order and I'd be dead in the blink of an eye.

Since Mo was so high up, and Alex was once his lover, you could only imagine how much power he had. I found out it was all a lie, I mean, those two were NOT rich from manipulating the stock market, that's absolute bullshit. Their riches were the spoils of those they killed over the years, and I assume there was a long list of them. It terrified me, I mean, I was in love with a mass murderer, don't think for a second that I didn't think that in itself was fucked up. Sadly, this was a necessary evil.

The Elites wanted to come to the humans before the humans came to them, but they had a lot of scum to clean out of the vampire society. They could have gotten away with experimenting with humans in the past and killing random people but now it was too risky. Alex was looking for people just like Damian, sick fucks who he could get rid of that weren't going to do any good to the world anyway. Their victims, like me, were usually killed too. We were the ones who were most likely to repeat the cycle afterall, and I believed Alex when he told me that because I almost fell down that path myself.

It was a long time before Alex decided to take me to their meetings, but he wasn't supposed to bring me. I had to act like his pet, which annoyed the hell out of me. I'd sit on his lap and pretend like the room didn't interest me because I only cared about Alex. I did not speak. I didn't make much eye contact. Alex remained playfully affectionate. Somehow this made me climb into their hearts immediately. They adored me; thought I was cute. I'd hide my face in his chest and roll my eyes and they took it as being bashful.

After four years of all of that, here I was, in front of the White House, tonight. The new President had just moved into office and the vampires were coming out of hiding tonight.

There were only 12 of us and we were supposed to take on an entire secret service. Between all of our powers, Mo was certain we would be fine. I thought I was going to fucking die.

Tina came in the same car as Mo, and she handed me her bag with a big fat smile on her face. If we survived this, Alex was going to release her from "Kinship," which meant she didn't have to consult Alex over every thing she did.

Tonight, we wouldn't be able to do this mission without her. Since she was a shifter, she was responsible for unlocking all of the doors we needed to get through, starting with the gate.

This was the white house. I thought that its security was top notch, but we were having no problems whatsoever. Vampires set traps and I placed a repellent with my power behind every barrier we crossed, but those things were temporary. It wasn't long before we had made it into the Oval office. The whole time my heart raced and I kept looking to Alex for reassurance.

"Jackpot!" Mo laughed when we all got into the room.

I handed the bag to a naked Tina. Inside was a change of clothes. She didn't want to meet the president naked.

We all sat. On the couches, some on the wooden chairs, Mo hopped into the president's chair and started spinning around. Now it was the waiting game.

We all knew what Mo was going to demand. Immediate Equal Rights. Special Documentation. Respect. He wanted us to be protected from being hunted down or experimented on. He also wanted strict punishments for Vampires like Damian. Mo wasn't going to announce himself either, he wanted the President to do it. A few of the people here had a bet that the President was going to faint.

We waited 3 hours for him to walk in. When I heard the door knob turn, I held my breath. We all looked straight to the door.

He walked inside and froze. His chair was facing the windows. "What the fuck is this!" he demanded. He started to turn around to run out, but one of us had already blocked the way.

Suddenly I watched Mo spin the chair and face the new leader with steepled hands and a smug look on his face. I squeezed Alex's hand and his eyes darted at me to stop. "Hello, Mr. President." Mo greeted.

The President turned and looked Mo's way and gaped. Surely, he was more afraid than I was. We weren't dead yet. Maybe this would turn out better than expected.

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