beta: PlatniumRoseLady
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Without a Map

I met a Nun at a bar and she
Told me how to play my cards
She finished her drink by saying,
"Watch who you make your vows to."

In Vegas I was out of luck before
I walked on those dusty streets.
My chest was exposed, and raw
Holes were obvious; I was incomplete.

I was riddled with riddles and shots
but Elvis told me it was okay to
Leave some old mysteries be.
But I can't let this rest in peace.

Not when I still don't know
If letting you go was right
But these wounds haven't healed
I could have just lost my mind

When I sat at roulette the dealer
Shook his head and told me
Not to take another chance
But I bet on red, and still

This wound won't heal
Have I been listening?
Or have I heard only
What I wanted to hear?

So I kept on walking
And feet are already so sore
And I keep on walking- but
Am I making progress anymore?

Have I stopped listening
Because I don't want to admit
That that was the past and
The future is what is in store?

On the desert outskirts
Al Capone was selling furniture
"This one's used, but it's
Still got a lot of life in it."

I told him what happened.
And I got no sympathy.
"Shoot 'em back, or move on.
But neither's gonna be easy."

I don't know how much farther
I can walk with this hole in my chest
I don't know if running from you
Is really what's best.

But I'm stuck in the desert
And I'm the only one who
Can make it out alive
If I learn how to survive

When I left you I lost a piece of myself
And there's no good advice
On how to pull the final stitch
And end this patchwork tale .

The sun's setting
And I see the freeway.
There's a beat up car
I'll take it and be on my way.