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"One ninety-five." The candy shop's cashier told me. Two dollars for a bag of candy? Lame. But I complied anyway handing her two dollars, which was the last of my money. I got my nickel back in change and walked out of there.

"Man. I bet these aren't even fresh, either." I muttered quietly as I held the bag of goodies to my face. I looked back to the shop.

Candy is candy. What the hell am I worrying about? I then shrugged and sat at an empty bench.

Sighing, I popped one of the golden sweets into my mouth. The nostalgic taste practically burned the insides of my mouth, but that bitterness soon turned into a sweet flavor. I always liked butterscotch because of that. No, I'm not a masochist. I mean, at first butterscotch can be very mean to you. But after a while, it'll warm up to you. Is this what honey tastes like? I've never tried honey, but I'm quite positive it doesn't taste as good as butterscotch does.

"I guess I'm like butterscotch…" I mumbled through the candy in my mouth. Two elderly women were sneaking glances at me and whispering hoarse nothings. They stopped as soon as I looked in their direction. After they went on their way, I stared at my lap. Can't a girl sit on a bench and mumble to herself? People these days…

I soon stopped sucking on my butterscotch candy and tensed.

You know that smell you get every once in a while? That smell that has a nostalgic undertone to it? That one scent you breathe in and you know it's from the past? Yep. I sniffed again hoping to catch it. It was naught, to my dismay. But I remember it as if it were yesterday.

The smell of a burnt Malta bottle sifted through the air as four children sat on stone steps. Bushes were planted to the left, while a large parking lot was on the right. The home for the elderly cast a coffee-colored shadow across it. You'd think it'd be a loud place, but all was peaceful, save for the crying of cicadas, but that was also a nice sound. The setting sun also gave off a feeling of tranquility. Everything was still. No cars. No yelling. No alarms or anything. Just the gentle laughing of children. And to think that this was usually a busy town.

One of the children, a girl with dark, medium length hair and copper eyes, sighed in contentment. Everything was beautiful, for a change. The girl, Eira, was an optimistic girl that didn't talk as much as the others. So usually only good thoughts crossed the twelve-year old's mind.

Another female took her place next to Eira and chuckled amusedly. Ana would amuse herself by teasing Eira, since they were cousins. But for now, that could wait. The tan girl was the oldest out of all of them, being fourteen and almost fifteen already. Ana was retained a grade, so she was now in the same grade as Kyle, the boy in this group. Despite this, Eira admired Ana for being confident and strong-willed, almost like a sister. She was very pretty as well, with her green eyes and dark curly hair.

Kyle… What to say about Kyle? He was stubborn, hot-tempered, rude… Most of the time. He had his kind side, which he rarely ever showed. Eira looked up to this brown-haired, hazel-eyed thirteen-year old. He'd ask Eira to come out and play with him almost every day. Kyle knew that the girl's mother was overprotective and would forbid her to go outside, so he hung out with her in her house instead. He'd bring his younger sister, Amanda, along.

Amanda was spoiled, but she was never harsh to her friends. Being a younger sister, Amanda got almost everything she wanted. She was what you'd call a, 'Princess'. She was the youngest of the group at ten years and looked like a shorter version of Kyle, but with much longer hair. Amanda enjoyed the Ana company the most.

"Hey, guys?" Eira's voice called out. Her voice was soft, but the silence was thin so she pierced it easily. The other three looked to her.

"Let's… never mind." At this, the dark haired-girl lowered her head. She knew they'd probably think she was being weirder than usual.

"No, tell us." Ana, now curiously staring at the young girl, ordered. Yet, her tone was inviting. Kyle pretended not to notice, but was also intrigued as Ana and Amanda was. Now being the center of attention, Eira flushed scarlet and looked towards the setting sun.

"Can… Let's… always stay friends." The dark-haired female muttered. Ana shook her head and smiled. She was used to this. Ana had known Eira since birth, so it wasn't a surprise. Kyle and Amanda, however, were a bit shocked.

"That's a stupid thing to say, considering that it goes without saying, but alright." Ana laughed. Though the older couldn't see, Eira genuinely smiled. The only male of the group coughed and averted his eyes, so no one would notice the pink that dusted his cheeks.

"Sure, whatever." Kyle mumbled inaudibly. Only Amanda heard, since she was right next to him. She smiled warmly at her older brother before standing up from her spot.

"Me and Kyle say yes!" she piped. Eira looked back to the group, the corners of her eyes crinkling as she giggled. Ana felt happier at that moment. Eira wasn't smiling lately, so it was good to see her happy. It warmed Ana's heart. Kyle grunted in response and pulled out a bag of candy from his shorts pocket.

He did not expect the girls to tackle him to the ground and snatch the bag out of his hands, though.

"Vultures…" He mumbled as he rubbed his arm that was hurt from the impact. Eira, being the nicest one of the group, gave him back the bag. Kyle reached in, took out one of the golden yellow candies, and placed it into the girl's hand. She smiled and thanked him, which in turn made him blush. Thank heavens the sun's orange rays masked it before Eira could notice.


"That was two years ago," I whispered to myself and smiled. "Time sure flies…"

Argh! I was so weird and stupid back then! 'Let's always stay friends'? Idiot!

But, they did agree to it.

I crunched the last remaining pieces of butterscotch candy in my mouth and reached into my bag, only to find that it was empty.

"Huh. You should really start lying off the sweets, Eira." I scolded myself as I watched the setting sun. Has it been that long already? What an enigma time is…

There it was again.

That scent.


… Maybe that's why I spend all my money on butterscotch candy and Malta.

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