We've got no photos

No photos at all

None in our hands

Nothing of the times at all

No photographs

For when we walk our different paths

What happens if we never see the other again?

No photos for the memories of then

You'll miss me

And I'll be thinking of you

Running back in time

Thinking of the things we used to do

I got alotta friends out there

Certain ones I know I'll never see a second time

Don't wanna think of the times of when I'll ask where

Where are those friends, so many times we share

I'll remember the times we fought

Or the the kind of trouble we got when we got caught

We got no photos at all

None at all to put on our wall

Looking at certain ones

I know I'll cry

I know that I will cry

Why would I?

Why would I cry?

Its not fair

Never will I see you again

Even if we're under that same blue sky...

~No Holds Barred

Note: Inspired by Nickelback's "Photograph"