It happened

All too fast

How he wished wished

It could last

He protected what he wanted

Stepped forward


Heroic and undaunted

Before he could move

He fell to the ground

Died for nothing

In an inelegant mound

He reached for what he wanted

The tears trickling for the first time

Becoming numb as he realized

He was the victim of the crime

And still he fought for it

What he wanted

His bloody hand

Still reaching for it

But they had never come back

Despite how he had fought for them

In such a brutal attack

In his plight, it was death he began to attract

Death had come

As a mother

And twice before

As his endeared younger brother

"Come it is your time

Onward to death

No tricks, follow me to the River Styx

Subtle but sublime"

But he refused

Bloody and battered

Beaten and confused

Clung on though his heart had been shattered

But he couldn't fight them

Not death

Not his brother

Although not at all had it seemed so grim

And he had seen

In his brother's place

What he wanted

So he reached for it, For her, at such a painful pace

When in his last moments

Their hands met

The tragic ending of his life

Had been set