Yeah Right


There are many literary works about werewolves. Everyone has read them, heard them, and seen the movies. This is not a story, though. This is my life. This is what really happens when you find out that werewolves exist.

Chapter 1

Simon struggled to maintain calm. There was sweat beading on his forehead, and he wouldn't stop fidgeting. He fiddled with his hands, running them through his sandy hair, then setting them in his lap, only to lift them to his head once again. I could tell was trying his best not to look me directly in the eye. He seemed terribly focused on the window behind me. I sat there on my red bean bag chair and stared him down. We had been sitting this way in my tiny little bedroom for a while. I wasn't going to give up until he told me his big secret. I knew he was hiding something. I had been trying to interrogate him for weeks on what was up. Today I was going to make him tell me the truth.

Simon is my next door neighbor. He's also my best friend. We've been best friends since second grade, when he stopped one of the kids in our class from ruining my macaroni art project. Simon and I never kept things from each other. Ever. With all of my other girl friends there was always lying involved and secrets to be kept, but with Simon it was different. I've always told Simon everything, from the time we were little, and Simon told me everything too.

This was different, though. For the last couple of weeks I've noticed Simon slipping out of his house late at night. (No, I'm not creeping on him. I have been trying to paint the moon for art class and I have a perfect view of it from my bedroom window. I also have a good view of the window Simon sneaks out of every night.) He would climb out of the window and head straight for the woods next to our houses, not coming back until he was sure his mom was asleep.

There is a forest at the end of the block that's about four square miles. Simon's house is the last house on our side of the block, so if he were going to sneak out to do something bad, the obvious place to go would be the woods. The question was: why?

Was he sneaking off to see a girlfriend? Why did he have to do it so late at night? It's not like he had to hide his relationship, his mom would be thrilled if he had a girlfriend. He shouldn't have to hide it from me. I had a boyfriend. Alex and I had been going out for four months. So why was he sneaking around?

Was he doing drugs or something? That better not be the case or he is going to get an earful from me.

"Simon, do you remember when we swore in third grade that we wouldn't hide anything from each other? We've been doing pretty good with that. Up until now. What's up?"

"Sadie..." Simon's dark blue eyes looked so sad. I wished he'd just tell me. Whatever it was, we would work through it together, like we always had. I almost wanted to comfort him, but then I realized that this was a sort of intervention. No comforting, just be firm and get to the point.

But of course I caved easily. I can't resist the puppy dog face. "It's okay, whatever it is. Just tell me why you've been sneaking off so much. You've been acting so weird lately. You've barely talked to me for weeks, and when you do, you're evasive. Please just tell me what's wrong." I spoke softly and even smiled a bit, feeling a bit like I was trying to coax an animal out of a cage or something.

My words appeared to have affected him. He looked up at me, and I could see some sort of resolve in his eyes. He was finally going to reveal his big secret.

Simon took a deep breath and let it out. Another deep breath. "Sadie. I'm a werewolf."

I've read all those werewolf books. I know what the girls' reactions are. The boy says the magic words "I'm a werewolf," and of course the girl freaks out, then after a page or two, she is convinced that said boy is indeed a werewolf. Then the girl begins asking a bunch of random questions about if werewolves are all like the ones in this book she read or this flick she saw and the boy explains what werewolves really are. But I'm not like those girls from the books.

I just look at him and wait for the punch line. But the odd thing is that Simon looks completely serious. Almost as if a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

You have got to be kidding me.

"What the heck is the matter with you, Simon?" I practically shrieked at him. "I am asking you a serious question because I'm worried about you. And you go and make up the most ridiculous—"

"Sadie, I'm not making it up!"

Of course he isn't. The reason my friend has been sneaking out late at night and avoiding me is because he secretly turns into a big doggy when the moon is out to protect the city from vampires. That makes perfect sense.

"Shut up, Simon. Excuse me for believing we told each other everything. But no. I guess not. Instead we hide behind fairytales to avoid what's really going on. I forgot to tell you; I'm a troll."

I don't know if it was my biting sarcasm or my accusations that upset him, but Simon left my house after that. Behind me, I heard the door slam. Fine, I'd figure out what he was hiding eventually.

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