So, I rather like that creative writing prompt website. This prompt was Center a story around a man missing breakfast and reading that prompt reminded me about a man I saw while on a bus at a stop light. I glanced out the window and saw a man in his car, reach to his passenger side and pull out a bowl of cereal and begin slurping it down as fast as he could. This story was based off of said man. And cereal slurping man, wherever you may be, this short story is dedicated to you!


There once was a very important man. This very important man was a very wealthy man and also the founder of a very established business. At this very established business, the very important man was known for giving very lengthy speeches. The very important man's very lengthy speeches at his very established business were often spoken in front of very posh entrepreneurs.

These very posh entrepreneurs were the types of people who would dry-clean all of their clothes (work out suits included) and would never have a hair out of place. They were the type of people who would wake up at exactly the same time every single day and would eat Kashi® for breakfast everyday with skim milk and, if feeling a little impish, may add a strawberry or two. They were the type of people who seriously frowned upon being late, even if by only a minute.

Now, this very important man, the man mentioned earlier, the one with the very established business, was to give one of his very lengthy speeches about a new product to the very posh entrepreneurs today at 9:30. Unfortunately for the very important man, a very lazy employee at a very run-down electric company forgot to eat his breakfast the night before the very important man's speech, and as you and I both know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Forgetting about the most important meal of the day could be a quite terrible thing. For example, if a policeman forgets about the most important meal of the day, he could grow weary while chasing a criminal. If a fire fighter forgets to eat breakfast, he may be too fatigued to reach that poor kitty stuck in the tree. And if a very lazy employee at a very run-down electric company forgets to eat breakfast, he could accidently shut off the power to a very prosperous city overnight, where a certain very important man may be sleeping, waiting for his alarm to go off in the morning to wake him up to give one of his very lengthy speeches.

So, instead of waking up a 7:30 as he normally did (enough time to feed the cat, take a shower, eat breakfast, and catch the tram to work) the very important man woke up instead at 7:57.

Flustered, the very important man reached into the cat-food bag grabbing a handful of cat kibble for his cat, but as flustered people often make flustered mistakes, the very important man knocked over the bag spilling kitty kibble across his kitchen floor.

Frantically, he ran to the hall closet, pulled out a broom, and haphazardly began sweeping up the kibble, aware of the fact that he still had to take a shower, eat breakfast, and catch a tram to his very established business only to give a very lengthy speech to very posh entrepreneurs.

After most of the kibble was swept off the floor, the very important man quickly stripped and stepped into the shower. Wanting to look his best, the very important man made sure to lather, rinse, and repeat before shaving his face. The only problem was that while shaving his face, a very snarky business associate of his decided to call his phone causing him to cut his chin.

Quickly jumping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around his waist, the very important man ran to the phone, sliding on the wet floor in the process, only to listen to his very snarky business associate.

"I can't wait to hear your speech today!" the very snarky business associate said with a smirk.

"Why thank you." Said the very important man, because, though he dislike his very snarky business associate, the very important man was really quite a gentleman.

"Make sure you aren't late. You know how those very posh entrepreneurs can be." The very snarky business associate said.

"Please, don't worry about me. I'll be there on time I promise." And with that the very important man hung up the phone. Glancing at the digital clock that danced on the phone, he jumped and realized it was already 8:26! He still had to get dressed, eat breakfast and catch a tram to his very established business.

Dashing to his room, the very important man quickly pulled on a crisp white shirt, red tie, and slacks. He reached into his sock drawer pulled out two socks (two of which that didn't match in the slightest, but he was too flustered to notice) and pulled them on his feet before quickly tying up the laces of his shoes.

He ran into the kitchen again and slid on a small puddle of water from his shower earlier causing him to crash unceremoniously to the floor. He moaned a little as he stood up, rubbing his now sore buttocks while doing so. Glancing at the clock on his stove, he realized that it was already 8:38! His tram to work left every day at 9:00 sharp.

Not wanting to miss breakfast, (he, being the very important man that he was, knew of the importance of breakfast and its place as most important meal of the day) he quickly pulled out a bowl, poured some of the bland cereal flakes into his bowl, added a splash of milk, grabbed a spoon and was out the door, slurping down his cereal as he went.

At every stop sign or red light from his house to the tram station, the very important man would slurp down as much cereal as quickly as he could. He was almost finished with his cereal at one light when he heard the whirring of a police siren and saw the red and blue lights approach his car from behind.

A light tap on his window caused him to roll it down to look into the eyes of a very gruff policeman who had in fact eaten breakfast that morning. "Excuse me sir, you look like a very important man, but did you know that it is very dangerous to eat cereal while at a stop light?"

"Did you know that it is even more dangerous to eat cereal while at a green light?" the very important man asked, his patience wearing thin.

"I don't appreciate sass sir!" the very gruff policeman replied.

The very important man felt tears in his eyes; he was having such a horrible day. "Please Mr. Policeman, I'm terribly sorry, but I've got to get to my very established business and give a very lengthy speech to some very posh entrepreneurs, but my alarm didn't go off this morning, so I was running late when a very snarky business associate of mine called me causing me to cut myself while in the shower and he told me I had better not be late. So I was hurrying out the door but didn't want to miss breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day you know, so I've been eating it in the car and I really have to make it to the tram station so I'm not late to give my very lengthy speech!"

"Well why didn't you say so?" the very gruff policeman asked, "I'll give you a police escort to the tram station so you can give your very lengthy speech."

The very important man's eyes brimmed with tears of joy, "Thank you sir! Thank you so much!"

The Police escort did make everything much simpler for the very important man and he arrived at the tram station not a moment too soon, for his tram would leave in exactly two minutes.

Running into the tram station and purchasing his ticket, the very important man jumped onto the tram just as its doors were about to close. It wasn't until the tram started moving did he realize that he, in his haste, had gotten on the wrong tram.

So, at the first stop available, which conveniently was only a twenty-seven minute walk to his work, the very important man hopped off of the tram as fast as his very important legs could carry him, and began running towards his very established business.

It was exactly 9:30 when he burst through the doors of the meeting room full of very posh entrepreneurs, each looking very, well, posh…

"Ah," said the first very posh entrepreneur, "I see you've arrived on time. Now for your speech."
The very important man froze, in his rush to arrive to give his very lengthy speech; he seemed to have forgotten what the subject of the speech was about.

Knowing very well that the very posh entrepreneurs would listen to what he had to say despite whether or not he was on topic, he glanced around the room looking for very lengthy speech ideas when he noticed a very animated secretary eating a bowl of cereal.

The very important man took a deep breath, "Breakfast, is without a doubt the most important meal of the day…"