"Aunt Mattie can I go see the horses?" asked a young girl around fourteen years old. She had wavy long brown hair and large hazel eyes.

"Okay Camilla Lynn but don't go too far. This is after all the first time you've been on a ranch then when you come back I want you to unpack" Mattie told at her young niece while zipping up her pink sweater. Her estranged sister lived in Wisconsin and never called until suddenly she called asking her to take Camilla in for the summer. Despite her hatred for her sister, she wouldn't close her home to her own flesh and blood.

"Ok I will aunt Mattie" Camilla ran out the door. She continued running and skipping around the huge ranch. This was her first time on a ranch. Growing up in the city and spending the summer in a ranch was a big change. Her mother never mentioned her aunt but Camilla knew about her aunt in a large portrait that her mom kept. In the portrait you could see three blonde women. Her deceased grandma, her aunt Mattie and her mom. Camilla ran until she saw a gate and a white pony. She went towards the pony. She'd never seen a pony before. "Hi there. Aren't you a pretty pony" Camilla said petting the white pony and she leaned on the rail.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?" Yelled an angry teenage boy around eighteen years old. He was tall and had dirty blonde with green eyes. He wore a red plaid shirt and dark blue jeans. He had on a straw cowboy hat and leather brown boots. "ARE YOU TREASPASSING ON MY LAND?" he asked aggressively.

Camilla turned scared looking up at the angry teenager. She looked at him with wide eyes and back away from him as he approached her. "I umm…." Camilla stuttered backing away.

"You what? Are you slow or something answer the damn question" yelled the older boy grabbing Camilla by the arm harshly. Camilla could feel tears start to form.

" I'm sorry this is my aunt's ranch. I'm here for the summer visiting and I asked aunt Mattie if I could see the horses and she said I could. I'm not trespassing" Camilla cried looking up at his stone cold face and tried to get away from his grip.

"So you're the distant city cousin that's spending the summer here. From what I heard I thought you'd be older but you're nothing but a little child" he said condescendingly.

Camilla ignored him by looking away from his piercing green eyes and tried wiggling out of his grip but he only held on tighter

"What's your name?" he asked shaking her which caused her to whimper and tremble. Camilla refused to look at him anymore or speak to him.

"ANSWER ME!" he yelled releasing one arm that was holding Camilla and grabbing her chin forcing her to look at him. He looked down at her watery big brown eyes and spat " I'm the man of this house now that my damn father's gone. This is my ranch, I'm in charge. So you better answer my question. Now tell me your damn name" he threatened digging his nails in her chin bringing her closer to his face.

" Its… Camilla" she whimpered as tears started forming.

"HEY SETH WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH SANDLES?" yelled an elderly stable man from the shed.

While Seth was distracted Camilla used all her strength to get out of his grasp and began running towards her aunt's house. She didn't want to be around her crazy cousin any longer. She didn't get far within a few seconds Seth was on his horse riding after her. Once he was within a few inches he took out his lasso and caught her tying up her small body. Once he had her tied up got off his horse and brought her small body against his. Camilla screamed struggling with the ropes that tied her up. She felt scared and started crying as she felt Seth putting his arms around her.

" You thought you could get away from me?" Seth hissed bringing her face closer to his while study her features.

"Please…. Don't hurt me…let me go" Camilla shook in Seth's arms and wiggled when he positioned her to sit of his lap.

Seth studied her pretty face. She had nice smooth soft clear skin and a tiny perky nose. He stared at her small lips and was intrigues by her supple pink mouth. Then he looked into her eyes that were covered in tears. The tears made her big brown innocent eyes sparkle. He could tell she was terrified of him which is what he wanted. He needed to be in control of her. He couldn't have her denying him what he wanted and right now he wanted her.

"You have a nice mouth Camilla" Seth blew against her lips. " Momma never mentioned you before until yesterday. From what I gathered it seemed like your mother was a whore. I bet you're the same way. I see your developing early. Look at the size of your tits" Seth said grabbing her boobs which caused her to whimper.

"Please…. Stop this" Camilla cried but Seth hushed her by cupping her face in his rough hands. He brushed his thumb against her bottom lip.

"Tell me something Camilla have you ever kissed a boy?" Seth asked wiping her tears away and placed a kiss on her cheek.

Camilla closed her eyes and started crying harder, wishing she was back home. She couldn't believe her mother sent her away for the summer.

"Answer me Camilla!" Seth threatened by tightening his grip on her body.

"No" Camilla whispered softly turning her renewed tear streaked face away.

Seth looked down at for a moment then grabbed her chin with his loose hand forcing her to look at him again.

" Then let me be the first to taste those lips" Seth said roughly bringing his mouth against hers. Camilla struggled to get out of his grasp but cried as she felt him bit her bottom lip which caused her to open her mouth. Seth dug his tongue inside her mouth and began tasting every inch. He violently massaged Camilla's tongue with his while wrapping his arms around her waist "You taste so good".

Camilla screamed loudly when she felt something hard poking against her butt, which caused her to wiggle more. The movement of her bottom rubbing against his arousal caused him to groan.

"Camilla I suggest you stay still unless you want me to take you right here on the hard grass" Seth threatened moving his mouth on her neck. He began to nibble on her soft skin. After a few minutes of kissing and touching her Seth decided this was as far as he wanted to take it…for now. He got up and untied his cousin. He got up on the horse and brought Camilla with him in a position where her face rested against his chest and he made her wrap her arms around him.

As they started approaching the house Seth made Camilla look at him.

"If you know what's good for you. You'll do as I say from now on. Got that?" Seth threatened glaring at Camilla.

Camilla eyes saddened but all she did was nod.

"Don't give me those eyes. You'll grow to enjoy my touch soon" Seth said kissing Camilla on the lips one last time before they reached the house.

"SO I SEE YOU FINALLY MET YOUR COUSIN SETH" aunt Mattie smiled sitting on the porch.

"Yes momma I saw her by the stable and brought her back safely" Seth smiled rubbing her shoulders softly.

"That's great I'm glad you guys have become friends. Seth why don't you show Camilla her room and help her get settled" aunt Mattie asked while knitting.

"No it's fine I can do it myself" Camilla said nervously until she felt Seth's fingers digging through her clothes.

"Nonsense sweetheart Seth will help you" aunt Mattie insisted.

" Yes mother it would be my pleasure" Seth said sweetly but Camilla tensed at his sick sweet tone.