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"Momma!" Camilla cried seeing her mom approach the box. She couldn't believe she was in this position, visiting her mother in jail. She tried to stay strong but her mother looked unrecognizable

"Hi Camilla" Abigail said looking down at her lap. For a while she wasn't looking at her daughter. She felt too embarrassed.

"Momma would you please look at me!" Camilla begged tapping on the glass.

Abigail looked at her daughter and noticed her face. Her angelic brown eyes filled with sadness. She felt like a failure for having done something so stupid. "I'm sorry Camilla" was all Abigail could say.

"Momma why did you have drugs on you? You always said they bad. You never let me hang out with anyone who smoked or drink, how could you have been holding drugs?" Camilla asked.

"I met a man while at a bar and we spent the night together. I know it was wrong but he made me feel alive. I didn't know much about him. He reminded me so much of how your father was. We were together for a week and at this party, I saw him take out a bag of pills. He was selling them and then the cops came. Since I was with him and he put them in my car, we were both arrested" Abigail said with guilt.

Camilla began to cry.

"Honey, I'm sorry. I failed you. I couldn't get you a father and you grew up without a dad" Abigail said with remorse.

"I never asked but who was my dad?" Camilla asked with tears.

"I met your father when I lived in the ranch. It was at a square dance, he was visiting one of his cousins. A family that lived a few houses down from our ranch. His name was Shane Harper, he was studying law. We spent a beautiful night together, then he left the week after. He didn't bother to leave his address or phone number. After I found out I was pregnant, I left. I didn't want to be in that place anymore. Now I regret it. I should've stayed and demanded to know where he lived" Abigail cried.

"So my dad doesn't know I exist?" Camilla asked.

"No honey. It doesn't matter, he was too involved with getting his degree. I knew he wasn't going to want anything to do with me" Abigail said pulling on her blonde hair.

"I'm sorry mom" Camilla said leaning on the glass.

Abigail and Camilla spoke for two hour until the gaurds came and took Abigail away. Camilla swore she would be back to visit. She didn't have it in her to tell her mom about the baby. Why put more stress on her mom?

"So how did it go?" Jethro asked Camilla pulling out a chair for her. They decided to

stop by a local diner.

"It was overwhelming" Camilla said.

Jethro felt bad seeing Camilla this sad. " Did she see your baby bump?" Jethro asked.

"No, I was sitting down the whole time" Camilla said.

"That's probably for the best. So what are you going to do about Seth?" Jethro asked carefully. He knew talking about Seth would always be a sensitive topic.

"I'm not sure yet. I'm so confused about him. This morning I just snapped on him. I was so angry with him. Then he tried to rape me again. I thought he changed but now I don't know. I don't want to be like my mom. She raised me alone and I know she regrets it. I want Lucas to have a father" Camilla said frustrated.

"It's okay Camilla. I know you are very confused about this but you need to make a decision and stick with it" Jethro suggested.

"Jethro I don't want to go home" Camilla pouted.

"Camilla, I can't stay. I have a test tomorrow. Let's just go home. If anything you can stay at my house but lets go home" Jethro tried to reason.

"I can't go home. I need a day to relax. I can stay at a hotel but I refuse to go home" Camilla said narrowing her eyes.

"Ok Camilla, we'll check you in after dinner" Jethro said uncomfortable with this.

After they finished eating they checked Camilla into a small hotel. Camilla took a bath and wrapped herself up in a white hotel towel. She relaxed in front of the television until she heard someone knocking on her door. Her heart skipped a beat. Who could be it be?

"Who's there?" Camilla said with a shaky voice.

"Camilla it's me, Seth. Jethro told us you were here. You had us so worried about you. Please answer the door" Seth pleaded.

"No, Seth. Just leave!" Camilla yelled against the door.

"I can't just leave you here. You need your family. Just talk to me. Open the door. I just want to talk" Seth begged.

"Okay" Camilla said opening the door for Seth.

"Camilla I'm so sorry" Seth said rushing in to hug Camilla. He couldn't help looking at the skimpy towel she was wearing. He had to fight his control to ravish her.

"Seth…" Camilla whined trying to get out of his arms.

"Why did you just leave? You had me so worried about you. Not only you but our baby" Seth said getting down on his knees to kiss her baby bump.

"I had to leave. I wanted to see my mom and get away from you" Camilla said with tears.

"Camilla please don't be like this. We need to talk. Don't you know how much you mean to me?" Seth said more aggressively standing to hold Camilla.

"Seth don't", Camilla whined putting both her little hands against Seth's chest.

"Camilla, don't shut me out. I can't live without you baby. The thought of not having you drives me crazy. Don't leave me again. I need you so much angel," Seth said pressing Camilla against his body overpowering her efforts to get away. He cornered her into the wall and used a hand to cup her chin, then he kissed her. Seth hungrily kissed Camilla using both his lips to devour her mouth. He loved tasting her again, this was how his life was suppose to be. With only a towel on he could feel the curves of her body on. He was starting to form a bulge.

"Seth…..," Camilla whined against his mouth. She couldn't get away from him long, he would always be around.

Seth wrapped his arms around Camilla, touching her. He pulled her towards the bed and began kissing her neck. "I love you, Camilla. I love you more than anything in my life. There's nothing I'd rather have than knowing you love me just as much as I love you" he said cupping her face.

"I can't love you. Don't you get it. You raped me and now I'm pregnant. It drives me crazy how sometimes I hate you, yet still want you around" Camilla cried staring into Seth's eyes.

"Camilla just tell me, did you enjoy our night together?," Seth asked, getting closer to her face. He could feel her breath coming out into pants.

"I did, but its wrong Seth. I shouldn't want it. I shouldn't have enjoyed it. I hated you at one point, how could I be attracted to you and even love you after everything. This is twisted and wrong" Camilla said wide eyed, pouting her lips.

"Give me another chance baby, to prove how much fun we can have. To show you how much I can love you," Seth said moving closer to Camilla's body until the back of her legs could feel the bed.

Camilla felt Seth's hardness on her body and grew wet. "Ok Seth," she said moaning as Seth kissed her. His bulge was getting harder as it rubbed her body.

Seth got on top of Camilla and didn't waste time and ripped her towel open. His hands touched her smooth skin. He began sucking on her nipples while his hand touched her hips.

Camilla threw her head back moaning as she felt Seth sucking on her nipples. She fisted her hand in his hair to keep him in place. His mouth felt to good.

Seth was so aroused by Camilla's moans, he knew he had to give her all the pleasure he could to keep this going on. His hands started to caress Camilla's thighs as his mouth kissed her stomach.

"SETH!" Camilla gasped out when she felt Seth's mouth on her. His tongue lighting licking her, while his hairy beard rubbed her thighs. Her hands gripped Seth's head as his mouth continued to eat her.

Seth was so hard he couldn't wait any longer to be inside Camilla. Her moans and the way her wet clit was soaking his face, he needed to fuck her. "Baby, do you want me inside you?" Seth asked staring into Camilla's eyes from between her legs.

"Yes" Camilla whimpered out wanting to come. "OH SETH!" she screamed feeling his hard cock thrusting inside her. She held on to him tightly as he pounded into her.

Seth could see the look of pure ecstasy in Camilla's eyes as his thrusts were getting faster, he could tell she was close and captured her mouth in a kiss.

Camilla came screaming into Seth's mouth and holding him tight. In a few seconds she felt his hot cum inside her.

Seth stayed a few minutes on top of Camilla kissing her, until he got out of her and put her on his chest, he could tell she was exhausted.

"Are you tired angel?" Seth asked covering them both up.

"Yes, Seth" Camilla nodded snuggling into Seth's hard chest.

"Go to sleep baby" Seth said kissing Camilla on her forehead. He dreamt of his angel.

"Poppa, I want to ride the tractor!" Lucas screamed jumping up and down pointing at the tractor .

"Ok son, lets go" Seth smiled picking up his five year old son. He looked into his son's eyes, they big and blue.

After he took his son riding they headed back home. Seth and Lucas were running back to the house. The smell of food awaited them. Lucas ran inside searching for his mommy.

"Mommy mommy" Lucas shouted running to the kitchen. He jumped once he spotted his beautiful mommy setting the food on the table.

"Lucas!" Camilla smiled bending down to hug her son.

"Guess what mommy?" Lucas beamed.

"What Lucas?" Camilla smiled while setting the table.

"Daddy took me riding on the big tractor!" Lucas said excitedly.

"That sounds fun baby. Now go wash your hands for super" Camilla said pointing to the bathroom. Lucas smiled and went to the bathroom.

"I see Lucas told you about our adventure" Seth said entering the room.

"Yes he did Seth. Don't you think he's a bit young to be in a tractor? What if he had gotten scared? Did you even consider the consequences?" Camilla said narrowing her eyes and putting her hands on her hips.

"Take it easy wife. I was with him and he's not too young to learn what his father does. We were having a father-son bonding moment" Seth stated getting closer to Camilla. "Now how about we go and have our own bonding moment?" he groaned placing his hands on Camilla's wide hips.

"Seth, lets wait until after dinner" Camilla whispered.

Seth bent down and kissed his wife with passion.

Both Camilla and Seth woke up in each others arms. Camilla wasn't scared like last time. She looked at Seth and smiled.

"Good morning, baby" Seth said kissing Camilla on the cheek.

"Good morning Seth," Camilla said unsure of how things were going to be between them.

"How was your sleep?" Seth asked while stretching his arms giving Camilla a good look at his muscles.

"Good and yours?" Camilla asked sitting up and brining the sheets to cover her chest.

"I had the best sleep baby," Seth said winking at Camilla causing her to blush. "I had a dream about you" Seth said seductively cupping her face.

"Is that right, Seth?" Camilla said feeling aroused. "What was is about?" Camilla asked licking her lips and staring into Seth's eyes.

"OH SETH!" Camilla screamed wrapping her legs tighter around Seth's waist while he jerked hard and fast inside her.

Seth held close to Camilla's curvy body under the steamy shower, her moans and screams were driving him into a daze. He didn't expect her to want him this much, despite what happened last night. He wasn't sure if maybe later she'd change her mind and want nothing to do with him anymore, but until then he would enjoy this time.

Seth came with a groan, softly putting Camilla down on her feet. Camilla got on her tip toes and planted kisses on Seth.

After their shower together they decided to lay on the bed naked under the sheets. Camilla pressed onto Seth's chest while his hands roamed her back.

"Baby, we need to talk about this" Seth ordered sounding a little harsher than he intended to sound. He immediately regretted his tone by the way she involuntarily flinched. "I didn't mean to scare you angel, but we need to talk about what has been happing between us. I take full responsibility for last night. I don't understand why you freaked out on me. Everything was going good between us. We were moving forward and I thought you were trying to give us a chance. We had a beautiful night then in the morning you changed your mind. You treated me like I was the old me. Like I raped you. I wasn't forcing you into anything you didn't want to do" Seth said sternly rubbing circles on her back.

"I don't know Seth. I can't explain why I act the way I act. I'm just so confused about how I feel for you. Sometimes I really want to forgive and forget about our past but then when things are right I get scared. I get scared that you could change" Camilla said with tears forming in her big brown eyes.

"I love you, Camilla. I know its going to take a lot before you can forgive me which is why I'm going to do anything for you. But please baby, don't do this to me again. I don't think I could take you changing your mind again. I'm giving you a choice. If you don't' want anything to do with me then it's fine, I'll let you go, but I'll still support you with our son. Or you could stay with me and I'll do anything in my power to make you happy. So what is it you want Camilla?" Seth asked wiping her tears away.

Camilla stayed silent. A thousand thoughts going on through her head. What did her heart want? In her mind she rationalized yet her heart still felt something, she couldn't explain it. Camilla decided not to think anymore and crashed her mouth on Seth, letting her kiss be the answer.

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