New story! Chocolat a la folie = Chocolate Madness.

Never Stick Your Head Into a Chocolate Fountain (Part 1)

Once there was a world called Consumia where all sorts of people, from all sorts of lands, resided. In this world food was a very important part of life. Each land had its own special food that they called their own. Lands were divided into states relating to their countries.

Our story takes place in the country of Sweetenoir and in the state of Chocolatopia where a young princess is about to get herself into a whole mess of trouble.

The princess' name is Caramel. Caramel Nougat to be exact. Her father was originally from Caramelisle and 'Caramel' was the name of the royal girls in his family. Her mother was the Queen of Chocolatopia and her name was Lady Godiva. She had a reputation for being rather odd and outrageous but also would do anything for her family and subjects.

Caramel often felt out of place in this kingdom. While everyone else was allowed to enjoy the chocolates and sweets of the land, poor Caramel had no choice but to abstain from such things. All her life she had never known the joys or chocolate. It was custom in the kingdom that young princes or princesses couldn't know the tastes of sweets until sixteen. Caramel was always told it was because the young royals would become addicted to the tastes and effects and would be consumed with it rather than focusing on their studies. Caramel, however, thought that is was just her mother wanting to hog all the good stuff.

Still, Caramel had lived her whole life without knowing the tastes of sweets and day in and day out she eagerly awaited her sixteenth birthday. Or so everyone thought.

Caramel was sneaky. She had her ways of getting around their, painfully delicious smelling, castle no problem. She would often try to sneak a bite of chocolate at the oddest times, or anything sweet for that matter. She was sick of constantly having to eat foods from Vegatian and Mammilia! Once, while visiting her fathers family, she managed to get a bite of a candy apple only to gag and spit it out for two reasons. One, the candy coating was horrible, and two because she realized it was a food from Fruitopia. She never gave up however.

Now, at age thirteen, she knew she was going to do it. She was going to sneak out of the castle, change in to commoner clothing, and go buy some chocolate! The plan was perfect, why hadn't she thought of this earlier?

Caramel had an older cousin, who was a prince, and was considered a sort of royal. There were three separate groups in Chocolatopia. Caramel's family over-saw the whole thing and maintained the 'Milk Chocolate' production and sells. Her cousin, named Lindor, was the son of her mothers brother. They over-saw production and sells of 'White Chocolate'

Lindor was a stick in the mud. Caramel often saw him as boring. Weren't older people supposed to be a little more adventurous? They were very different, that was for sure.

Caramel had long brown hair that went down almost to her knees and had wide caramel-colored eyes. In contrast, Lindor had short yellow-whitish hair and a sort of pale-yellow (butter was what Caramel thought) colored eyes. He was fifteen and she was thirteen. You'd think they'd have a little more in common, but no.

However, he was vital to Caramel's plan. After all, he was the one who got to go out into to main town. He'd be the one sneaking her out… even if he didn't know it. Caramel giggled evilly to herself. Nothing could go wrong!

Well, until it did, at least.

More people had recognized her than she thought would. Lindor didn't even know she was there (the oblivious idiot) and as soon as she hopped of his carriage she was found out. Apparently, her face was plastered all over the city. Poor Caramel had no idea she was an icon! She could just picture her mother laughing evilly at this. It was sure-fire security that Caramel would be caught not long after sneaking out.

Now what no one expected was for poor Caramel to be captured. Two older men and a boy around her age showed up offering to hide her from the people who started to chase her. She was an idiot for trusting them. As it turns out, there people were from a neighboring country called Herbia from the state of Paprika. Caramel had had some of their spices before. They were actually quite good. However the use of spices were declining and the people of Herbia constantly blamed the people of Sweetenoir. They even threatened war!

It was obvious they wanted to hold her hostage. Caramel was quite scared. How was she going to get out of this situation? Her mother had told her tactics to use just in case she was ever kidnapped, but she wasn't sure it would work on these guys!

Caramel was in for a world of trouble. But if she was going to go down, then she was going to go out like a Lady. Her head held high and standing her ground.

"My name is Princess Caramel Nougat; if you have any decency then you will untie me this instant and I will convince my mother to let you all off with a warning." Caramel gave a very serious and stern look at the males. She had no idea what to expect.