Sometimes I like to think that everything is black and white

Maybe I'm just optimistic, hoping for a lack of shades of gray

Catastrophic lows and ecstatic highs, no middle ground

Yet I know there is a state of in between

Just give me a yes or no, a good or bad

None of this "maybe" or "okay"

No whispered promises floating off delicate tongues

Give it to me cut and dry, or don't give it to me at all

Yet somehow I believe, all of us, every single one of us

Secretly lust for the suspense of the unknown

Let's face it, suspense is one of humanity's biggest turn-ons

The promised pay off is never what we expect

It's like that time when you were still young, innocent, and carefree

It was Christmas and the biggest present had your name on it

Your mind milled over a million miles of possibilites

A race track for your cars, or a new doll house

With eager, anxious hands you clawed at the paper

Ripping up handfuls of that terrible tape your mother used too much of

Clawing and ripping your way to your perceived oasis,

Only to find grandma's hand knit sweater awaiting in it's place

Tears two parts sadness, and one part anger welled up in your eyes

You tossed it aside, greedily trying to find a miracle where there wasn't one

All this time, you dreamed of all the best gifts

Yet found yourself bewildered when it was finally time

Yet you were too young to realize the important things

That maybe material possessions weren't the end of the world

Yet you look back and take stock of life, life as a whole unit

Realizing, "Hey maybe the suspense was the best part."

It's like when you hit puberty, going from child to adult

When you are a child, you want to grow up

Yet when you are an adult, you want to go back in time

When in reality, the in between taught you who you were

So enough of the ups and downs, highs and lows

I'll take a smooth sail across the scattered seas any day of the week

I'll take suspense and ignorance is bliss, please just don't tell me

I really don't want to know, I don't know what I don't want to know

So come to the state of in between, the state of I might not be happy, but I'm not sad

Cause everyone needs an anchor to their ship

Going from the ground up, may mean you are climbing

But there's only solid ground to catch you when you fall.