"Don't worry we'll be nice you ya boy" said one of the voices, he recognized in to be a gang leader. "Just behave and it will be over in no time".

Jasper struggled as he felt dozen different hands touch and felt his body, making his skin burn at the slightest touch. He cursed the day someone had given him his gift. Currently he was on a bed, hands tied behind his back, gagged and naked, though they had had the kindness not to unbanade his eyes. He had been blinded because of the gift, but it didn't get rid of it! No in many ways in made in worse because he couldn't block the visions out any more. Now, because of his stupidity he was going to be ganged raped by guys who thought he was useless now and therefore only worth being a fuck toy.

He screamed out though the gag they had stuffed in his face as he felt one of them force two fingers into his butt and began to scissor. The pain was almost unbearable, he felt tears run down his face.

"Such a pretty colour" a voice teased, two more fingers joining the other two, ripping the delicate skin. "He ready yet?"

Bang. There was a loud crash as something broke what sounded like the door down. The fingers disappeared and he heard shouting. There was six gunshots before he heard the leader beg for mercy.

"Shouldn't of broke the rules" a gruff and familiar voice said. Jasper paled reconsigning the voice. Voice of his nightmares. His face forever imprinted in his memory as the last thing he ever saw. The face of the man who cut his eyes out.

There was another gunshot before there was silence. He stayed still, willing the man to walk of and leave him be, or just finish him off. One of the two. Shame luck wasn't on his side.

"What do was have here?" the voice chuckled darkly, "A little ex-oracle turned into a whore by the looks of it" Jasper felt the bed he was on shift as the man either knelt or leant on it. A hand gently stroked his inner thigh, before he was roughly flipped over so he was on his stomach, he yelled in surprise but the gag blocked most of what he was saying.

He felt as the man moved his body so he was face down, but his ass was up in the air, legs spread evenly. He whimpered as the he felt the man run his thumb over his already bleeding hole. "Rough on ya before they even got started" he commented. Then Jasper felt the strangest sensation as the man began to lick his hole, rimming him, tasting his blood. Jasper moaned slightly as the man began to thrust his tongue into the tight hole, beginning to get some feeling of pleasure from the actions.

The man stopped and laughed at this. It wasn't a cruel laugh though. "You taste nice boy" he said, jasper could tell he was smiling from the way he said it.

Then Jasper felt him thrust two fingers into him. Jasper whimpered in pain as the man pumped them in and out of his body. He tried to shift away from them but the man only stilled his movements by placing a hand on is hips. In punishment he added a third finger and began to make scissoring movements sending sparks of pain through his body. He struggled against the grip, desperate to get away from the pain which was being inflicted, only to feel a blade push against the skin on his back.

He froze instantly.

"Stay still and let me have my fun boy" warned the man, "Or I may take another appendage off you, and trust me" he pulled his fingers out of his body and began to fondle his balls and dick, "There are more painful things to lose then your eyes"

He squeaked in response, understanding. The man removed the blade and got of the bed. Jasper could hear the ruffle of clothes as the man pulled un-zipped his pants. Jasper stayed still, tears pouring down his face. He didn't want this.

He felt the bed shift again as the man moved back on it. "I'm going to undo your hands" he said gently, shocking Jasper, "Don't try anything" he warned, giving Jaspers cock and ball a squeeze. Jasper nodded understanding.

He gave a sigh on relief when they were released, shrugging out the aches in his shoulders. The man laughed gently hearing the bones click. Jasper moved his arms so his face we buried in them, not bothering to try and take of the gag. Just because the guy was nice enough to release his arms, didn't mean he was nice enough to let him speak again. Likely just threaten to cut out his tongue.

"good boy" the man cooed, ruffling his hair in a way that felt oddly soothing. "Just relax and it won't hurt a bit"

Jasper whimpered in response, scared. He was trembling, as he felt the man place a hand on his hips to keep him in place while the head of his dick pressure against his entrance. He was half expecting him just to pound into him, but instead he pressed gently into him. The pain was still intense though.

Jasper bit down on the gag to stop any noise coming out, not wanting to show his pain to the man. The man paused when he was some of the way in. The guy was huge, Jasper felt stretched to his limits already. The man let out a groan of pure pleasure and pulled out quickly, only to repeat the process, only going deeper and deeper each time. Some of them he could feel his skin rip as it was stretched to far until he could feel the man's balls swing against his own. Jasper let out a pained yelp when the man pushed in deeper.

"Shhh" the man cooed gently, his voice full of lust and pleasure. he felt the man trace a hand down his back, making him shiver.

The man stayed in place, letting him adjust to his size. "I'm moving now" the man warned before he began to pump in and out of the boys body, slowly at first but soon he had given in to whatever carnal pleasure Jaspers ass was giving him and began pounding into him like there was no tomorrow.

Jasper let out a yell of pleasure when the man hit something inside of him. The man didn't pause only let out of laugh and began angling all his thrusts in that direction, sending absolute bliss though Jaspers body. Jasper started letting his moans come out.

The man reached round Jaspers body and began pumping at his manhood in time to the thrusts. "Scream boy" the man hissed lustfully, "Scream while I fill you, you little slut"

Jasper screamed as the man the only sent him over the top, cuming all over his stomach. He felt the man release into him. He rode out his release before slumping over him. They rolled on the side so the were both lying on there sides, the man still rooted in Jasper.

After a few moments the man reached up and untied the gag which was around Jaspers mouth. Jasper didn't move. Didn't speak. The man stoked his hair gently, petting him to clam him down. That's when he realised he was trembling like mad.

A different type of pain surged though his head and he cursed his luck. It was a pain he was to familiar with.

"Pen and paper" he whispered


"I need a pen and paper!" he cried out

"Why you can't see"

"Vision" he hissed, "Too late" He yelled in agony as the vision ripped though his senses, almost transporting him to the scene, sight and all. When he had these visions of the future, it was almost like he was there, like a ghost watching. He had all the senses of being there without actually being there. It was the only time he could see again.

"What do you see" the man's voice echoed through, giving him s link to reality he didn't normally have.

"Woman, white, blonde hair. Human" he hissed, "sulfer smell, 3rd street avenue, north sector. Some-thing's stalking her..."


He looked around looking for any markers, "full moon, midnight. Its cold, very cold" He said shivering. "Whatever stalking her, I can't see it, its too dark. The woman turned a screamed as something attacked her. "Its killing her" he whispered

"Who is she?"

"I don't know" he cried, "It hurts"

"shh" the man soothed, Jasper felt the man hold him close, stroking every bit of her body in an attempt to calm him down. Jaspers vision faded to blackness as he was pulled back down to earth. He found himself sobbing against the man still clothed chest. Letting go he pushed himself away from the man only to for his wrists to be caught in an iron grip and his body pinned to bed.

"You lied to me" he hissed sounding very angry, "You're going to pay for that"

"sorry" Jasper murmured terrified, but his body had given up. The sex and then the vision together had completely drained him. He was gone before the man could say anything else.