Orcale Chapter 6

Zoya sighed lightly, his eyes drooping as she looked out the window. She was tired. Too tired. She had been up dealing with the supernatural of Asmelle for three days now with very little rest. She was trying to ignore the man glaring at her. Asami was angry at her. Yet again. 'What a surprise' she mused.

The car pulled to a stop outside a alleyway. Zoya blinked and realised she was home. Opening the door, she lifted an eyebrow at Ralf who was waiting for her outside the back door of Mac's bar. He growled, his eyes flashing angrily. She groaned. She really wasn't in the mood to deal with everyone being angry at her. Not that she knew why Ralf was angry at her.

"Thank you for the lift Asami, I'll come by tomorrow and explain if one of your staff doesn't already" She said in a neutral tone to the crime lord. But he didn't miss anything in her voice. She was tired and frustrated. He forced a gentle smile onto his lips, meant to be reassuring, but it only ended up looking tried as well. He needed sleep just as badly.

He looked out and saw Ralf. "I'll stay a little longer Warden. By the look on Lord Ralf's face, you may need a alibi for where you have been for the past two days"

Zoya wanted to complain. She wasn't a little girl to be protected. But she could only feel relieved. Smiling weakling, she climbed out, followed by Asami. His bodyguard close behind. Ralf wasn't exactly a safe enemy. Or friend. Or whatever you called the relationship between the crime boss and the black court. Both powerful entities in the city. Neither having enough power to oppose the other. But both as equally as annoying to Zoya who ended up being there middle woman more times then not.

"Lord Rajnikanta" Asami said bowing his head slightly in greeting. He was one of the very few people who could say Ralf's actual name. The 'j' sound wasn't used often in the territories, making Zoya wonder if Ralf hailed from wherever Asami had come from.

"Lord Asami" Ralf said, his lips tight. He wasn't happy at all. "Warden" Nope, definably wasn't happy if he was calling her by her title and not her name.

"Ralf, is there something you need?" Zoya asked, not bothering to hide her tiredness from her voice.

The look in Ralf's eyes softened lightly. "Nothing which can't be asked or said in your home Zoya" He said kindly. Zoya felt a weight lift off her shoulders. Asami looked back at the limo driver and made a hand signal. The driver nodded and drove off.

Zoya walked first, which in its own way showed how much she trusted the men behind her. No matter how tried she was, she wouldn't let her guards down. but she trusted the vampire and crime lord not to stab her in the back. No, they would stab her in the front. But that was just how it was.

Zoya froze as she touched the door handle to her apartment. A scent washing over her. An familiar scent, which sent a shiver of fear down her spine. Both Ralf and Emio, Asami's bodyguard, smelt it. Asami saw it. No-one froze like that for a reason.

"Zo?" Ralf asked cautiously.

"Emio, you half or demi?" She asked, looking at the demon. She knew he wasn't full but his blood line was too strong to know for sure just how far away the full blood was. He lifted an eyebrow in question, his eyes dark with concerned. Only a few things scared the Warden.

"Half" He answered.

"Good, you'll be safe then" She commented, before opening the door. The presence of power waved over then all, making Ralf and Emio draw there weapons to defend themselves. Asami was, as ever, unaffected, not able to feel the differences in a demons power like most people. Zoya winced but walked forward, ignoring Ralf growl to stay still.

She found two people in her kitchen. Her apartment was warded to keep 'evil' away, however in her line of work, often people needed to talk to her off the books, so she had pulled the wards back so they didn't cover the kitchen. The first room of her apartment. The natural threshold kept the weaker nasties at bay, but anything particular strong was able to come in and make themselves at home, as it were, in her kitchen. hence why she fridge was stocked with different types of blood, various alcoholic drinks and things you wouldn't usually find in a normal person's fridge.

One was a child, who was happily eating some cake from the fridge, grinning happily as she ate. The older male was boiling the kettle. Both looked up at her briefly before dismissing her. The child taking a drink of milk. The male glanced at the people behind her and lifted an eyebrow.

"Huh. A leech, a half and human" He murmured, "Would you and your guests like some tea, Aimee?" He asked politely, pulling some tea cups out of the cupboard.

"That would be appreciated" She said, the stress in her voice on that word letting the others know to be careful with there words. She walked into her kitchen and placed her weapons down on the coat hook. Emio sheathed his but kept his hand on them just in case. Asami sat down on one of the soft chairs in Zoya's kitchen, content to watch this unfold. He couldn't help by feel there was a connection to Enisoan within this mystery. Ralf sat by him, watching them closely.

"Aimee, Aimee" The child said n a sing song voice. "Guess what I did!"

"You caught a henna on your own?" Zoya guessed, her voice curt, but respectful. She remained standing like the man who was making tea.

"Yep. Only a level one though. Not really worth much" The child shrugged, "Leader couldn't use him either"

Zoya caught the eyes of the man who shook his head. "Don't worry. Leader didn't kill him. He hasn't killed anyone for that reason since your own capture. I think your words may have changed him slightly" He admitted quietly. The silence from the child at that statement, and from Zoya, suggesting there was more behind it that it seemed.

"So what as he been doing with them?"

"Work mostly. Ever since the red leeches started moving, he's been pushing to keep us all together. The hunts are becoming more organized. More and more of the Henna we allowed to run free are being rounded up. More Demi are being marked. Hence why we're here" the man shrugged, passing a cup of tea to Asami, who accepted with the grace of one who was used to leading. Ralf ignored his cup.

"I wondered. Black Court isn't exactly what you would call full of Demi. Asmelle being the exception" Zoya commented, taking her own cup. Emio and Ralf could just smell fear radiating off her, but it wasn't as prominent as before. Almost like she had been expecting worst.

"Excuse me, may I ask what you mean by the Red Court started moving" Ralf asked.

"Oh yes, the Black leeches wouldn't have noticed yet" mused the child, "The red leeches have started something. Don't know what, But I doubt we are going to like it"

"That is..."

"Been expected for a while" Zoya shrugged, "There is a reason many hunters and wardens have been pulled out of red court land Ralf. the indication with the Pack was only the start of something a lot bigger. We just don't know the details yet"

"Godfather, too, had expressed worry in what the red court are up too" Asami commented, talking to Ralf, "I assumed your Prince knew they were up to something"

"The other courts are always up to something" Ralf commented darkly, "He doesn't always see fit to warn us of things like this"

The man smirked at that, unsurprised. The child rolled her eyes, before narrowing them and looking at Zoya. "You're still scared of us" she pouted.

The man too pulled a face "Aimee" He almost whined, "For pity sake! Its not like we're going to try and hurt you. The agreement still stands"

"Bad memories fade hard" Zoya said, her tone hard.

The man sighed but didn't say anything, all of them just sitting there for a few moments, before Emio asked the question on there minds, "So who are you, and what are you doing here?"

"Real polite" the man said sarcastically, looking at Asami,"You should really train your dog better Lord Asami" Emio growled by at a hand movement from Asami, shut up, "Oh so you do have some control over him. Anyway. My name means nothing. All you need to know is Leader sent us looking for some demi. Gave us a few names. Figured since you're the Warden here, you might be able to lend a hand"

"I'm the Warden. Why the hell would I help you kidnap people!"

"Because leader has said if you don't help, you're first on the list"

The scent of fear flooded the floor and Zoya felt herself fall to her knees. "I can't" she managed to get out. All she could feel was a haziness, like the man was the only other person in the universe. She was dimly aware of the other calling her name, but she would only hear the man clearly.

"I'd think about it before you say that Aimee Zoya Drake" Invoking Zoya's full name wasn't as powerful as invoking someone else's full name. Her true name was lost, but even that name had some pull on her. "But tonight, you are tired. Rest well. We'll talk again in the morning. But consider, Leader will not be pleased if you do not help us and you know as well as I, the consequences of his anger"

Zoya fell into darkness as the last of her energy drained away. Soft arms caught her and she feel to sleep. Painfully aware of the decision she was going to have to make.