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Chocolate Flavored Fire

Chapter one: Approval

My older brother and I didn't get along very well; I mean I guess no two siblings get along perfectly but between us it just seemed more than average, granted it was no where near as bad as the tension between my older and younger. The only time we really did get along was when our parents were out and he invited me into his room to either play video games or listen to music, between Griffin and Chase no such time existed. Sometimes Chase even let me sleep in his room when our parents went out for the night or weekend.

It was weird I know, its not like I'm five and afraid of the dark or anything, I'm almost eighteen and he's twenty three. I just like when he's in a good mood and I know he won't be until our parents are out of the house again so I like to sponge of the nice-ness when I can. I think he likes to pretend the job market wasn't horrible and he lived in his own house and I was just visiting.

I guess pretending to like me was easy when he was doing all that pretending. I guess I was lucky too though, I mean I guess I'm more tolerable then our younger brother. I'm also pretty sure I'm better company. All he does is be weird and sit there. I live with the guy and he doesn't speak much. Only to our parents or when we're one on one but even then he likes to just sit and stare, the kids weird, okay? He's never going to get a date if he doesn't get more confidence.

Tonight was one of those good nights; at least I hope it is. All my friends are busy with their girlfriends. It's pretty lame but I get it. I wouldn't want to hang out with me over a pretty girl who I might have a chance to get in their pants. However it didn't just work on my schedule. If he had something better to do or was feeling particularly emo I was left to my own devices.

"Simon?" I heard my older brother call my name. I immediately looked over to him hoping not to come of as to eager, the smug bastard would probably gloat or something.

"Uh, yeah?" I asked as if I didn't know what he was going to ask.

He walked up the steps from the basement a bit more. "You want to hang out or something?"

I shrugged my shoulders and pushed the button on my laptop to start loading it down. "I guess, you want me to ask Griffin?" I already know the answer. It just gives me an ego boost to hear him say it out loud.

"Eh," He made a groaning noise. "Last time he was in my room he peed on the carpet."

I started laughing. "He was four and you locked him in there."

"I know but it was a test and he failed. I mean seriously he should be able to hold it." He joked back.

"Whatever, I'll be up in a few, should I grab Halo?" I asked stretching a bit.

He shook his head "Nah, I want to show you this new band I found. And any way you suck at Halo. Not much competition."

My mouth dropped open in shock. "You wish you had my skills!"

"What the art of button mashing? No thanks, I'm good."

"You know what? It's on now. I'm bringing it and we are playing and I am going to destroy you!" My tone was matter of fact and even though I knew he was right, I pretty much suck at video games, I couldn't resist false amazing talents.

In response he just laughed at me and went downstairs stairs wishing me good luck with the unlikely task. I just grinned and ran upstairs to the loft turned game room to grab the game from my Xbox. Chase had bought his own when he went off to college and that, when he had to move back home, remained in the basement. My parents thought it was only fair to let him move in to the walk out after they remade his room into an office.

When I reached the top of the stairs I saw that Griffin was sitting there playing some RPG game. He paused it causing the screen to go in to screensaver advertising the sequel game.

"Hi." He said sounding flustered; I probably just interrupted him while he was trying to get one of his Sims (or whatever he was playing) to have sex. I raised an eyebrow and his cheeks depend in a blush confirming my theory. The fact he had fair skin and had dyed his hair an ink black color didn't help conceal the drastic change of complexion, even if he pushed all his hair into his face.

I smirked and went of to the tub of games digging through it. "Relax I'm just coming to get Halo." I paused and looked at him. "Chill, okay? I don't care about what purvey things you are making you Sims do."

"It's not Sims its-,"

"Found it. I'm going to the basement with Chase. Go back to playing your dirty little game." I gave him a wink and trotted down the stairs. Well that was interesting. Up until now I had thought Griffin was A-sexual. I guess every day I learn something new.

"Hey, Simon!" My meek brother called after me.

I stopped. "What?" I think I might come off a little more mean than I intended.

"Want to hang out with me tomorrow?" He asked anxiously.

"We'll see." I said brushing him off slightly. I'd have to test to see how long Chase's good mood was going to last. I could hang out with Griffin whenever I felt like it. I don't know I guess I just like attention from my older brother. I think it's because when we were younger I always pictured him as epitome of cool.

Maybe that's how Griffin sees me. I mentally make plans to take him to an R rated movie or something older brother-y when Chase went back to being pissy.

As I make my way down to the basement I shut the door behind me incase Chase wanted to watch something scary later. He was more like our parents and didn't want our younger brother to watch that kind of stuff. Frankly I knew that kid had more pirated horror movies than I could possibly dare to watch so I didn't really care if he over heard the screaming or caught a glimpse of some overdone murder scene.

"Dude I said I didn't want to play video games tonight." Chase complained opening his fridge.

"No you dissed my skills and now you must play or proclaim me master of all games!"

He smirked at me pulling four beers out of the fridge bumping the door shut with his hip. "I guess I can always beat your ass but I thought it might be a good time to maybe to watch something stupid and show you some grown up fun." He made a gesture for me to come to take two of the beers.

My eyes lit up. I was just starting to get curious about alcohol ever since my friends birthday party when his folks were out of town. I took the bottle graciously and open the tops smiling.

My brother laughed and ruffled my hair. "Aw, your very first drink." He cooed. I just took a swig and didn't tell him that I had drunk before.

"Thanks," I said just as my lips came off the top. I cringed slightly, I didn't really like the taste of beer much, but I would just suffer through it until I could get a buzz.

"What's wrong?" Chase asked looking at me strangely.

I shrugged. "Nothing, what do you want to watch?"

"It's too bitter for you isn't it?" He said laughing a little. "Here," he said taking my bottles away from me and moving them in front of himself. "Let me make you something else."

"No I can handle it!" I said perhaps a tad bit too eager.

He laughed at me again. His laugh was nice sounding like our fathers, smooth and calming. "I'll still put alcohol in it if you want." He said and stood up walking over to where he kept his hard liquor. "I think I have some fruity chick stuff in here." His voice becoming teasing with an edge of something else, I think it was him trying to be funny.

"Ha ha." I laughed, "very funny. I can just drink the beer."

"No. No I insist." He said pulling out a blue looking drink.

"I can!" I insisted trying to protect my man status. I picked up the beer I started and chugged the bottle down, taking in big gulps and not pausing to take a breath. I would show him that I could hold whatever he could.

When the bottle was empty I put it down on the table in order to make my point.

"Whoa there buddy maybe I should be looking for some harder stuff." He put back the blue stuff and pulled out three bottles. "Vodka, Rum and Tequila." He listed off setting them down and pulling out his shot glasses. "Basic trinity."

As he poured my first shot the inside of my chest started to fill light and even giddy. I guess I just felt like I did something he approved of.

My first shot tasted even more bitter than I could have imagined and my face contorted but I quickly took the second and before I knew it the shots I took didn't taste very bitter any more and what ever Chase had turned on the TV seemed extremely funny not to mention arousing. I doubted it was actually either but before I could even fully grasp what I was thinking I was undoing my pants trying to relieve what was hard as stone in there.

"Eh," I was trying to wiggle out my pants. God things were always slipping off my hips except when I wanted them too. I was getting frustrated when I felt a larger pair of hand come over mine and pushing them to the side. "Chase!" I whined trying to make my brother let me have my way and jack off.

"Shush," He hushed me, voice quite and cool. "All I want to do is help."

"Oh." I said my drunken mind not fully understanding what he meant by 'help'.

Soon enough he had gotten my pants undone and was picking up my hips to make it easier to slid them off. Once they were gone it took only seconds for him to discard my underwear.

It wasn't until his hand wrapped around me firm and warm did it even dawn on me what was happening. I pushed his hand away from my groin. "Chase stop." I slurred out.

"It's okay, I want to." He said with a pretty eyed smile placing his hand back on my member.

My head was fuzzy but a few facts ran through my head. "You're my brother." I said feeling confused and I wiggled trying to move away but his free hand grabbed my hip pulling me closer.

"I know that." He reasoned holding me a little bit harder. I made another move to try and move his hand clenched like a vice in a bruising tightness. "Hold still, will you? Don't worry I'll make it feel good."

A little alarm went off in my head and even though I wasn't all there in my head at this instant I could tell that what he was doing was wrong. "No, Chase don't." I wined and struggled a bit more. It wasn't much that I could do my muscles being weakened from the alcohol and tiredness. Not to mention Chase was full grown and had been on the swim team in college. I was barely anything compared to him.

I pushed at him to try and make him get off me and I realized at some point during this all he had straitled my lap and was growing his own boner. When I put one of my hands over his face and try to make him move I felt his hand finally move from my erection. I thought I had finally gotten him to listen before he slapped my face and made a primal growling noise.

I felt tears starting to form. "Chase, I-,"

"I just want to make you feel good. Let me make you feel good." He said sounding angry but when my tears started spilling over my eyes his face changed looking softer. "Just let me do this. You'll like it okay?"

When I didn't respond he bit his lip and broke eye contact dipping down to my lower regions. I felt his hands move upwards messaging my sides as a wet tongue made short licks at the tip of my penis just barely tasting me.

Then out of nowhere I was engulfed in a heat moist cavern tighting around me. I glanced down and saw my brother's head bobbing up and down like a bird fishing for some food.

I don't know if it was the alcohol or something else entirely but as that image flooded my mind and I didn't care that it was my brother bringing the euphoric pleasure to me. All that mattered was that it was happening.

My hands flung down into his hair and started twisting in his soft hair releasing a soft moan and shiver ran down my sides. I threw my head back softly onto the couch cushions and started breathing heavily. As I did this Chases hands let up on my hips and started massaging my sides tenderly. I felt one of his hands disappear and I looked back down by the motion of his arm and shoulder I could make a good guess and say he was jacking off. But looking at him only reminded me who was committing the sinfully pleasurable act. Instead I tossed my head to the side closing my eyes and just focus on the most amazing type of heat I had ever experienced.

I came in gasps and sighs my eyelids feeling heavy and I think I made some sort of whining noise. I felt my brother's throat clenching around me and swallowing my essence I couldn't help my hips thrashing.

When I finished I felt him come off my limp member leaving it absolutely drenched in spit. He gathered me up in his arms and carried me to his bed putting me down softly before laying down next to me resuming tugging on his own erection until he finally came.

As I lay next to him my mind could help but try to work out what had just happened. My brother had taken my virginity. My brother. My body started to feel anything but Euphoric. It felt slimy and covered in grim.

What had I just done?

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