Chapter Seven: Lust

Griffin and I got back the next morning when his friend's dropped us off. I was kind of afraid of what Chase would do. First thing I did when I got home was head to the basement. Griffin seemed to be doing better and I didn't want to piss Chase off more than I already did.

I crept down the stairs carefully closing the door behind me. I don't know what Chase was going to do to me- but from whatever spectrum is was, either beating me up or having sex, or maybe somewhere in between where he did both. I can't lie. Chase kind of made me nervous. More than nervous. I was really kind of afraid of him. Always have been.

I doubt it was good to be afraid of the person you were having sex with on and off. I couldn't help it. It wasn't my fault- it was his. He's the one who constantly tries to beat me up.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs I could see his back. He was watching TV from his couch, bent over slightly and I was fairly positive he was eating some sort of cereal.

"Chase?" I asked quietly. I was beyond nervous for his reaction. He merely turned his head to look at me. It was too dark to see what his expression was so I couldn't tell at a glance what it was. "I'm home." I announced, because as pre-mentioned I am Captain obvious.

He got off the couch and I prepared myself for the worst. He clicked on a light and I saw he looked rather calm. That was a good sign at least. "Were you with Griffin?"He asked approaching me. His head was tilted to the side and I was sort of getting creeped out by his calmness now.

I nodded in reply. I could feel my heart pounding in my throat, he was acting strange.

He snorted. "What? One brother touching you isn't enough?"

I frowned. "No," I said back. "I mean yes- I mean I didn't do that with Griffin." The thought made my stomach turn. I could barely handle what I was doing with him- I wasn't about to throw another one in there to mess with me as well. It was gross.

He took a few more strides until we were face to face. "Don't like Simon- I know you'd fuck whoever offered." He spat at me. With him in such close proximity I could smell the liquor on his breath. "What?"
He asked in a bitter laugh. "You gave them all a ride didn't you?"

I shook my head rapidly.

"Spent the night with them- fucked them, kept me waiting." He said and started walking even closer to me making me back up until my back was flat against the wall. "Did they touch you all over? Was it better than me?"

"No!" I said. "We fell asleep watching a movie! That's it! We just got back." I whimpered putting my hands against his chest. Crap. He was most definitely drunk. Which made him slightly off in the head.

He put his hands gently on either side of my face. Barely touching. Then he started laughing. I didn't get what was so funny. My heart was about to explode out of my ears. Not exactly a 'haha' kind of moment. He was acting like a fucking psycho.

He bent over coming eye to eye with me. "You should have seen your face!" He exclaimed laughing. "So fucking adorable when you're scared." He crashed our lips together and a moment of revulsion made a bitter taste in the back of my mouth.

His tongue pushed sloppily into my mouth and his hands slid down my neck to my shoulders as he held me still. My nose was pushed awkwardly by his and I just stood there and took it. He pecked my nose as he backed his face away but kept his hands on my shoulders. "Now I believe you said you had something to make up to me?"

I nodded, still freaked out but not wanting to press the issue much. Chase was fucking scary when he got like this. "Yeah," I muttered following him as he tugged on my arm leading me to his bed.

"Hmm. What did you have in mind?" He asked sounding playful. He reclined onto the bed with his legs spread.

I shrugged. "I don't know." I muttered back. He frowned at that response so I changed it quickly. "A bl-blow?" I stuttered out. I really didn't want to do it but he was probably expecting more than our usual touching and rubbing.

He smirked. "I'd like that." He responded.

"O-okay." I got on the bed and put my hands on the waist line of his underwear and was about to pull them down when I felt his hands find my shoulders. "What?" I asked glancing towards his face.

He had a small smile on his lips and he tugged on my shirt to make me move up. I did as he wanted and crawled so I was on all fours above him, my face only inches from his. He leaned up and kissed me and I resisted the urge to pull away, I guess the night away from him and spent being brotherly with my other brother sort of made me feel less into it.

Still once he had my in his grasp, one hand behind my head the other on my back, I started to let myself enjoy it. I shouldn't have liked it so much but I did. It felt good to kiss.

He flipped us around so he was on top and I was trapped between him and his matress. He moved his hips into mine making a slow circle with them. "I think I deserve more than a little blow though." He breathed in a deep husky tone. "How about finally letting me get some ass."

I pushed on his chest and wiggled to get loose. "No." I said firmly. That was one line there was no chance in hell I was crossing. What we were doing was already wrong on so many levels. I was in no uncertain terms going to jump the border into full blown intercourse.

No chance in hell.

He grinded his hips against mine again showing me how hard he was. "C'mon, it'll feel good. Real good. I can guarantee you the best orgasm ever."

I shook my head. "No-" I whined and tried to get away again. I didn't want this anymore.

He growled. "Can I finger you?" He asked roughly. "I just want to know what it would be like to be inside of you."

My eyes widened slightly. "No. I'll- suck you off," The phrase sounded weird to me. "But no touching me- there." I blushed slightly. I didn't even want to imagine what it would be like to have someone touch me like that. Not comfortable, that was for sure. If it was good why would the expression 'he's got a stick up his butt' be used for grumpy people? If it felt so good wouldn't it be used for happy people?

Chase made a tiny growl and moved his hips down on me again. "Come on." He tried to sway me. "One finger?"

I shook my head violently. Honestly that's what I thought he had meant by fingering. The fact he had meant more than one originally scared the hell out of me.

"How about just touching around it?"

I made a sickened face. "Fine." I spat, mainly because I just wanted to get back to how it could be. The part where I wasn't thinking about how wrong it was or how we were related.

He grinned back at me before crushing our lips together and doing that special something he did with his tongue that made me go temporarily blind to the rest of the world. It was nice. Beyond nice. It was amazing and truthfully- I just didn't want it to stop.

That's why, when the point came where he had stripped me of my underwear and had his hands on the globes covering the back entrance to my body I just kept kissing. I wanted to feel numb to the world and Euphoric in the moment.

All of a sudden our mouths broke from each other and he sat up slightly. "I want to fuck you so bad."He told me. "69?" He asked and because I wasn't fully back to my right mind I nodded. I did say I'd suck him. He smiled happily. "want to be on top?" He asked and I nodded again, a little happy he wouldn't have all the control.

He moved our positions and as I crouched over him on all fours, faced his cock. It was kind of sorta huge. I felt his cheek brush up against my dick ad I jerked forward. He had given me one before, but never when I was facing his dick, it made it all more real to me what he was doing.

I slowly poked out my tongue and gave a lick the tip where pre-cum was gathering, it tasted pretty off putting to me. Not absolutely rancid, but not delightful. I opened my mouth wide enough to insert the whole tip. I didn't put more than that in though. Too big- and I didn't have the deep throating ability he seemed to.

He seemed to like it though and while still sucking on me he moaned something primal. The vibrations ran across my dick and to that tightly wound something in the pit of my stomach making me moan in return. He seemed to like the vibrations as much as I did. It was like a never ending circle of pleasure.

He bucked up forcing me to take more of him into me and made me gag harshly. I tried to roll away but when I tried his teeth unintentionally scrapped across my member. At least I thought it was unintentional.

i moved my mouth off of him and swore. "Fuck! Ow!" I semi-shouted at him. I still didn't want Griffin coming down while we were in that position. It would pretty much be obvious what we were going on.

He released my penis from his mouth and let me roll away.

His face had a slightly annoyed look on it. "What?" He asked gruffly rolling his hips a little. I don't think he liked sitting still much.

"You bit me." I told him glaring still. It hurt for something so sensitive to get touched in any way that wasn't pleasant.

His face changed slightly. "You okay?" He asked taking me in his hand and inspecting it. "No broken skin, does it hurt when I'm touching it?"

I shook my head. "No. It just hurt."

He nodded slowly moving his hand along my now saliva covered member using that as lube. "How does this feel?"

"Fine." I whispered. Any louder and it would have come out a moan.

He smiled at me. "I can just do this right now." I felt his other hand find my ass again. His fingers slick and warm pressed against my entrance without actually going in. His fingers circled the ring of muscles before gently pressing at the pucker again.

I kept my mouth tight and I closed my eyes. That felt good. Surprisingly good. My hand found his hardness and started blindly rubbing it. Circling the tip- messaging the sides, everything I liked myself for masturbation.

He seemed to like it well enough and moaned out a husky breath, "Oh fuck." I poked out my tongue and licked it, I could stick with liking but no actual sucking.

We finished around the same time for once. He didn't warn me though and since every time before I always came before him I didn't pull back and his sperm came out all over me. I had enough sense to pull away and prevent it from all going on my face. Although it did get on my neck and the top of my chest. He came a lot,

He fell back on his bed heavily, stretching his hands above his head before looking down towards his feet at me.

"Do you have something?" I asked trying not to get any cum in my mouth, I certainly didn't like the taste of it.

He smirked sitting up, leaned over to me. He got really close to my face and licked off the goop he had spurted there. "It tastes like yours." He smiled to himself.

I nodded. Probably because we were both guys and cum was basically the same thing.

"I want to take you out soon, movie mall- whatever." He told me sitting up and giving me some tissues to clean up the mess. "What do you think?"

I wiped up the globs on my neck, "Sounds like a date?" I said hesitantly. "We're not dating." I informed him with a sharp nod. "We're brothers, Chase."

He took a breath and slowly let it out. "I know- but, you can't deny you don't feel something here." He moved so his arm pulled my waist until I fell back into him and I laughed despite myself.

I don't know what about the action was funny to me. Probably a little out of place but I couldn't help it. I blame post-orgasm haze. He didn't seem to mind though. In fact he laughed too, holding me to his chest. I rested my head on his bicep.

I was so fucked up.

I - probably- didn't care. I was just happy in the moment. It wouldn't last. That feeling of acceptance never lasted.

How could it? I was screwing my brother.

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