Okay, this is the longest chapter i have EVER wrote in my writing experience, so i hope you enjoy it!


Tails to Tell

Chapter 1

Jumping waves

"I wish I wasn't the only boy!" Mark said, smacking the water with his palm.

I splashed him in the face, "Well, I guess he would be really lonely with all these girls!" I said, waving my arm out at the four of us.

"But I'm a boy!"

I put my hand on my hip and gave him "the look". Then he realized what I was getting at and scuffed. I rolled my eyes and splashed him in the face again.

"Claire watch out!"

Too late.

My sister gave out the warning to late, the wave she was warning me about crashed over my head and I was thrown under the water.

I popped up seconds after, gasping for air. I coughed out salt water and I looked at Jamie, "A little late, don't ya think?"

She shrugged as she jumped over another wave.

Mark was laughing his head off, so I took a breath and dove under. I didn't dare to open my eyes, because I really didn't want them to burn like crazy, from all the salt water.

I felt around till I found what I wanted. Then I pulled. I heard a splash as I popped up. I smiled as Mark surfaced seconds later, "What was that for?" Mark said, shaking off like a dog.

I shrugged and said, "Payback"

I heard him mutter under his breath, "I really hate you!" I smiled as I jumped another wave. I crouched down so the water was now to my shoulders, instead of my waist.

I'm Claire by the way; I'm the one telling this twisted and bazar story. Right now, my two sisters, my brother, and I are on vacation at Chincoteague Island. But, we are wave surfing at the moment, our favorite thing to do, and to make it better it was black out and we could only see each other, smart huh?

I looked up at the dark sky and figured it was getting to be about 9:30. I looked around at the appearing stars and then at Mark.

"I got an idea!"

"What?" Mark said, giving me a weird look.

"Dunk Mark under the water" Kelly chimed in, after a moment of silence.

"No!" Mark quickly said, and then got an evil smile on his face.

I'm pretty sure I was the only one that saw it. Then all of a second, he reached over and pushed Kelly under.

I couldn't help but burst out laughing. She shot straight out of the water and gave Mark the death glare, and then she wiped off her face.

"No" I said slowly, "We should have a wave race"

They all looked at me with confused looks.

I groaned and said, jumping another wave, "We all hop onto the same wave and ride it in, then the person that goes the farthest wins." When they still gave me weird looks, I said, "Oh, come on! We used to do this all the time growin up!"

They finally realized what I was saying and agreed, now the harder part.


I stood there as they argued over what wave to use. I looked out over the water and I spotted the perfect one. I looked over at my arguing siblings and groaned, "Perfect one guys!" when they didn't stop I shouted "Shut up or yall'll get crushed!" This got their attention.

We lined up and I pointed out the ultimate wave. I glanced at them as they prepared for it. They were lined up in a perfect line glancing over their shoulders at the approaching wave.

I looked back and I saw the wave that was maybe 5 feet away from crushing us. I counted down from 3 then the wave crashed. I jumped at the perfect moment and I was lifted off the ocean floor. I had my arms straight out in front of me and I was being dragged above the water.

After the wave finally stopped and I felt sand on my legs I stood up and brushed them off. I looked at my siblings and I let out a single laugh. It barely moved them and I was pushed 15 yards. I smiled as I ran back to them.

When I finally made it to them they all looked at me with "what the heck" looks. "

"You didn't jump at the right moment…I guess" I said with a shrug.

They didn't care, they wanted to try again. I rolled my eyes as they all pointed out a super small wave to ride on. I pointed at it and looked at them and said completely confused, "That tiny thing? That wouldn't even push Harley! And she is like 2 pounds!"

They gasped and I looked. The wave grew and grew till it was bigger than the one I just rode in.

"Totally" I heard Jaime breath.

We all did it at the same moment. We all lined up and glanced back. The wave was right there, I did a double take.

Was that a face? I stood straight up and I looked at the wave that was 2 feet away. It didn't register in my mind till the wave crash over my head. I felt the water swirling around me as I tumbled against the sandy bottom.

It was actually quite scary, pitch blackness, doing front flips, and having a shell scratch my cheek. I didn't even have a moment to take a breath. But the strange thing was, I wasn't gasping for air.

I felt the water loss power and I tried to figure which way was up. I stopped moving and I wasn't as disoriented as I was a second ago. I pushed my legs off the bottom and I pushed for the way I thought was the surface.

I felt the sharp chill of the night air as I took a deep breath off the sweet air and I heard the shouts of my siblings.

I turned and looked at them.

"Claire! Where are you?"

If you couldn't tell they had their backs turned to me.

I rolled my eyes, "Over here guys"

They all turned and started running, as fast as the water would let them, toward me. They all came to me and gave me a huge hug.

After they stopped I said, brushing my hair out of my face, "What was that for?"

"You were under for a long time!" Kelly said in a panic.

I looked at her, "I'm fine Kelly".

They looked at me with worried eyes and I sighed, "I'm fine guys, I swear".

Mark gave me a strange look before he mumbled, "Fine"

"Kids, time to come out of the water!" I heard my mom shout. We all looked at each other and sighed. We all dragged our bare feet toward shore.

I looked at the water and I thought I swear I saw a face in that wave, I just know it! It was looking right at me and…..It looked pleased….. Gosh! I'm goin crazy!

Eeeeeeee I was snapped from my thoughts when I heard Jaime scream.

"What!" I shouted as I froze.

"Something hit my leg! It was big and slimy!" She squeaked as she continued on faster from the place she jumped from (5 feet over).

I looked at Mark and we thought the same thing go that way. So we went way to the right and continued.

I felt the rocky pebbles on my feet and smiled. I was back on the beach. I ran up to my beach chair and I spun in a complete circle. Then I put my hands on my hips and looked at Mark.

"Where is it?"

"Where is what?"

"You how what, now where is it!"

"What are you talking about?"

"My towel, idiot! Where is it?"

He looked at me and gave me the "I have no idea where it went" look. I groaned and looked around some more. I heard a soft thud behind me and I looked down. There it was my blue and purple towel with stars on it was lying right behind me. It was covered in sand….

I groaned as I shook it off. I quickly dried off and tossed my towel on my beach chair. I quickly grabbed my beach bag and pulled out my brush. I painfully pulled a brush through my drench black hair and then tossed my brush back in my bag.

I turned back to my family and gave them a weird look. My mom's brown hair was blowing in the wind and then she pushed her bangs out of her face. Her tropical tie-on skirt was blowing in the wind and her black swimsuit made it look like she planned out the outfit a week ahead.

My dad had his hands in his pockets as he looked out over the water. His already messed up black hair was even more messed up from the wind and I was surprised that his white shirt wasn't that dirty, maybe mom talked to him about messes.

Mark was standing with his arms crossed looking down the beach. I saw his head perk up as he saw two girls walking up the beach toward him. He had the same shade of black hair as me and even the same brown streak in the front. But, I guess twins are supposed to look alike. Yes, yes, yes, Mark is my twin, but for the record, I am the oldest.

I looked at Kelly and Jaime, they were standing in the water looking at the shells going past as the water pulled them in. I rolled my eyes as two guys up the beach stopped and looked at them. I smiled and I ran down to them.

"Hey guys!" I said with a smile to them.


"Hey Claire!"

I glanced over my shoulder and I saw the two guys holding surf boards. Then I turned back to Kelly and Jaime and mouthed, "Those guys are watchin us!" They looked past me and smiled.

I guess the guys would stop and look at three sisters in bikinis. But I had long curly black hair and a blue bikini. Kelly had long brown hair with a green bikini on, and then Jaime had curly medium length blonde hair and an orange bikini on. I honestly don't know how Jaime got the blonde hair.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw them walking down the beach past us. I looked at my sisters and I knew they had and evil thought just like me. This'll be fun. They were almost next to us when I put my hand to my mouth and let out a whistle. Kelly, Jaime, and I looked at them to see what they were going to do.

The one guy slightly pulled down his sunglasses and looked at us as he walked past, the other just smiled. I looked at my sisters and we all burst out laughing. I looked up at the rest of my family and they were all in the same position as they were a couple minutes ago, except Mark, he was watchin two girls walking past.

So I smiled and shouted, "Photo shoots over everyone! Come on lets go to the Stone pile."

I felt so sorry for the two girls because I moment I said "Photo shoot" they thought there was celebrity and they looked at Mark, "Blondes" I mumbled, but apparently loud enough for Jaime to hear and slap me on the arm. I rolled my eyes as my family came down to us.

My dad gave me a weird look and I knew he saw me whistle at the one guy. I gave him a smile and he smiled back, gotta love dad.

"Okay, ready to go for the walk?" my mom said taking my dad's hand. We nodded and I waited there for Mark to catch up as everyone started walking toward the Stone pile.

He caught up and the first thing I said was, "They were soooo out of your league".

He gave me a sideway glance and said, "Cause that guy was in yours."

I shrugged, "Well, if you say so! Thanks bro!"

He hung his head, because his words backfired.

"Hey, wanna race to the Stone pile?" I said, looking over at Mark.

He shrugged, "Sure"

"On the count of 3" I paused "1-2-3" We took off past our family and toward the stone pile. It was hard running on the soft sand, so I turned and started running on the nicer, harder sand. It also added 2mph to my speed. I glanced over at Mark and I smiled. I looked up ahead and I saw the stone pile right up ahead.

I can make it I thought. I took a breath and I ran a little faster. When I tripped on a rock and did a face plant into the sand. I slowly sat up and I knew I made it to the Stone Pile. Mark stopped and walked over to me.

"Did I win?" he said helping me up.

I looked at him and said, "Umm, I won, I just fell"

I put pressure on my left ankle and I felt a sharp pain shot up my leg, "Ow!" Good thing Mark was right there, he caught me as I fell sideways.

He helped me over to a rock and asked "What's wrong?"

I put my hand on my throbbing ankle and said, "When I tripped on the rock I twisted my ankle"

I heard the footsteps of my family and I looked up at them.

"What happened, sweet?"

"I twisted my ankle on a rock mom"

"Are you okay?"

I smiled and nodded, "Yup!" I got up just to show I was okay, but I bit my lip so I wouldn't say "ow."

I stood there and looked at them, "Ready to play on the rocks?" Mark, Kelly, and Jaime nodded, so I turned on one foot and jumped onto a rock. I balanced on one foot and looked at the water.

Then I turned and bound up the rocks, ten I made it to the top. I looked down at Mark and them and said with a smile, "Come on!"

So I then carefully made my way down to the water. I stopped right before my feet touched the water. The water was crystal clear here and with the help of the full moon I could saw all the way to the bottom.

I looked across the water farther out and I saw a shadow. I tried to look closer but in an instant it was gone.

"Claire, Claire, Claire!"

"What?" I said, snapping out of my thoughts.

"Ready to go back?"

"In a minute dad, I'll meet ya at the house"

He thought it over and said, "Fine, be back within an hour"

"Okay!" I said with a smile.

They started to go back and I sat down on a rock. I watched the water when I heard Kelly shout, "A bird pooped on me!" I hit my hand against my head and started laughing. I looked over at them as they walked away to where we set up.

After they were out of eyes sight I looked back at the water. It won't hurt to jump in, right? I thought to myself. So I stood up and I looked around, no one in sight. I looked at the water and I decided I would dive in, it was deep enough to.

I put my hands out in front of me and I dove. I cool water washed over me and it was very refreshing. I surfaced and treaded water. My ankle didn't hurt any more, and I felt, at peace.

I looked up at the full moon and the clear sky, the stars looked like they went on forever and never stopped. But scientifically, they don't, I think. I stood there in silence, I was surprised how deep it was, it was up past my waist.

Then I heard a splash. I froze, Great, I'm alone in the water at night, and I'm gonna get eaten by a shark. "Hello?" I managed.


"Wh-who's there?"

A girl appeared from the water with long ivory looking hair, "I'm Ivory" she paused holding out a hand, "Take my hand, the stars are aligning!" I didn't hold out a hand, "Now!" she snapped. I grabbed her hand and there was a flash of light.

Alot happened in this chapter, but since it took my 3 days to write i might have trouble getting this story updated on time *Cross your fingers*