I scrambled to find my shoes, and get ready. I had told my friend Heaven that I would be down at her house in five minutes, but when I told her that I was in my sweats and my hair was a mess. In no way could I go down there looking like a lazy pig…After ten minutes I was ready, wearing a loose shirt and pants.

I hurried out the door with my favorite book in my hand. I raced down the street to her house.

I ran in without even knocking, knowing that Heaven was going to be so mad that I told her I would be here 5 minutes ago. She the kind of person that hate for people to be late and when they are, she gets all, dramatic and mad. I opened her door and saw her looking at me with an angry expression on her face.

"Your late, you told me you would be down here 5 minutes ago."

"I know, I am sorry, I had to change my cloths, I was in sweats and my hair was a mess-"

"I have been your friend for 10 years; I am not too worried about the way you look." Heaven said, I slowly nodded hoping she wouldn't realize the real reason I was trying to look nice. But right as she finish talking her door opened. We turned to see who was it, and my heart skipped a beat…Seven.

Seven is Heaven's twin brother, and he is the guy I have liked ever since I came here the first day I met Heaven. I never said I liked him to anyone for two reasons one because at the time when you're five guys think you have cooties and girls think guys are losers. Not me though I never believed in that, mostly because my dad and mom were always straight forward with me. They never let me believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, or any of the things little kids believe in when they are five. My parents always said that it all was a lie and that they wanted our family relationship to be based on the truth. I just held it in because at the time if I told anyone they would be, 'why do you like him? You know that he is a loser.' It would be judgment, and I hate judgment.

The second reason was that Heaven had told me when we were eight that if I liked her brother it would be against the girl code. She told me that if I broke the girl code she would have to deny me as a friend. I loved being friends with Heaven, so I kept my mouth shut about how I felt when it comes to Seven.

"Heaven I am going to the store, I would ask if you wanted anything, but in all honestly I don't give a shit." He said with a straight face. That Seven for you, he always goes around acting like he doesn't care. At times I don't believe it because if you study him real close there are moments where he does small things, that show he cares, but it's rare.

"Then why the hell did you come in here?" Asked Heaven in an irritated tone of voice.

"Because I might not make it back before Carolyn gets here, and if she gets here before I do, you need to let her in."

"Why should I?" Heaven said crossing her arms around her chest, he smirked.

"I know you'll do it, because I know your dirty little secret." He said, at this moment I became confused. Heaven doesn't have any secrets. Seriously, Heaven is the kind that always talks and tells you how she feels and what she thinks. But if she did have a secret I would know it, because we never keep secrets between each other…"You know the one you won't even tell Annabelle here." My eyes shot up when he said my name.

Wait did he just say it was a secret I didn't know about?

"I am going to kill you if you ever-"Heaven started to say but Seven cut her off.

"Hey I said I wouldn't as long as you let Carolyn in." Heaven glared at him, but nodded. Then he looks at me, with a smile. "Annabelle."

"Seven." I said, he than glanced down at my hand and saw my book that I always seem to carry.

"Don't you ever get tired of reading that?" He asked me.

"Do you ever get tired of asking me that?" I replied, a smirk appeared on his face.

"Touché," he then closed Heaven's door. I slowly turned my head to look at Heaven, she give the impression of being so full of guilt.

"Heaven-"I began to say, but then she started to pace up and down her room and started to talk.

"So how do you like this weather we are having?" She randomly asked me.

"It's the same as it always is in January. Now my turn to ask a question, what secret do you have that I don't know about?" Heaven glanced around the room in a nervous manner.

"I think I am going to dye my hair black." She said while lifting pieces of her long brown hair. "Maybe even get it cut. What do you think?"

"I think your stalling….Just let me know, what is the big secret Seven has on you." I asked. Heaven grabbed the T.V remote and sat down on her bed. After a minute or two of her watching some reality T.V I looked at her. She was trying to ignore me, and that made me mad. "Heaven, I am begging you to tell me." Heaven's green eyes shifted to me. I could tell at this moment she was mad at me, I was asking her tell me something she in no way wanted to tell. I sighed in frustration, "Damn, Heaven please let me know what it is. I have been your friend for 10 years. I have never known you in those years to have a secret that you refuse to tell me."

"It's none of your business, okay, Annabelle? Please just drop it." She said glaring at me before turning her attention back to the T.V.

"Heaven, just tell me…" She said nothing. "…You know I am not going to tell anyone." Heaven turned off the T.V and sighed.

"I don't question you and your crush on my twin brother, and you don't need to question what I am not telling you."

"You knew?"

"You can't hide your feelings very well." She said and then leaned back on her headboard. "You can't tell me to spill about what I am hiding when all the years we have been friends you have liked my brother, yet you never told me."

"I was afraid you would get mad at me, after all when we were eight you told me that liking your brother was against the girl code and if I did have feelings for him you won't be my friend anymore."

"I told you that when I noticed that you liked him." Heaven said. "And do you honestly think I would stop being friends with you? I was bluffing!"

"When you told me that I was scared from then on that if I admitted I like him you would be mad, how was I to know you were bluffing?" A weight seemed to be lifted off my chest; I had just told Heaven that I like her brother…Crap! "There I like him…Now tell me what it is that you are not telling me."

"You can't expect me to tell you just because you are finally admitting how you feel about Seven."

"Well, what do I have to do to get you to tell me?" I asked.

"I am not going to ever tell you, get it? So please drop it!" Heaven said yelling at me. I glared at her.

"Why did you call me to come here?" I asked looking down at the floor, trying to calm down.

"Since tomorrow school starts back up," I glanced up at her. "I wanted to see if you need a ride to school." She said not looking at me. I sighed and then walked over to the door.

"When you decide that you can look at me when you talk to me, I would love that ride to school." I said and then walked out of her room. I was pissed…I opened the front door and there stood a bleach blond young woman, who looked like she was about to knock on the door before I opened it. She looked at me and smiled.

"Hi, I am Carolyn." She said.

"Hi, I am the person that doesn't care." I said. She looked taken back but then she started to laugh.

"You're funny." I rolled my eyes. "…May I come in?" She asked after she was done laughing.

"I don't know can you?" I asked, she became confused.

"I came to see Seven…we're preparing for school tomorrow."

"I am not his mom, no need to lie to me…But I do recommend the next time you lie to someone, come up with something better than that, because if I was Mrs. Fletcher, Seven's mom, I would not believe a word you just said. There is no need to lie like I said; I know you are his Sunday fling."

"Sunday fling?" She questioned.

"Yeah, have you ever wondered why he only wants you over on Sundays and Sundays only? What do you think he does all the other 6 days of the week" I chuckled. "Do you honestly think he waits around for Sunday to see you and you only?" Her eyes became watery"...No, honey he has a girl or two for everyday of the week. I wouldn't waste your sweet and valuable time on Seven." All of the stuff I was telling her was the truth, and like I expected she started to cry and then ran to her car, before taking off.

I probably saved her from wasting time chasing after Seven.

I had done this before; tell his flings that they were nothing to him. Yet I could never tell it to myself, I can never seem to convince myself that Seven will never like me and that he will never stop being a player to be with me. It will and could never happen.

I walked back down the street to my house, thinking the whole way there.

Why do I have to like Seven?

Why can't I just forget him and move on?

It seems every day I wake up thinking of him and go to sleep thinking of him.

Why can't I control my feelings by turning them off whenever I want, like now?

I rushed inside of the house wanting to listen to my iPod hoping to get my mind off of Seven. I made it to my room and ended up falling asleep listening to the one artist that can numb my heart, Taylor Swift.

I felt someone take out my ear phones, "Anna." I opened my eye and found myself staring into greenish blue eyes. I sighed; I am dreaming…yep that's it. I then pinched myself, and then realized I was not dreaming.

"Seven, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"I figure that since once again you have run off one of my dates-"

"Fling." I corrected him.

"Whatever you wanna call it, I just figured that you must be jealous, once again."

"Jealous?" I asked acting like I wasn't.

"Why else would you run away my date?-"

"Fling…And I didn't run her away, I simply told her the truth, and if she couldn't handle it…it's her fault." Seven smiled at me.

"You're jealous."

"Seven I am sorry to break it to you that not every girl can fall for your dark hair…greenish blue eyes…toned body..." I started to drift into thought…

"And you were saying?" He asked with a smiled, and I came back to reality...

"…Get out of my house." I said, he grinned.

"What I my hotness too much for you to handle?"

"No I can't stand being near your ego." He chuckled and then pulled out a grocery sack from behind his back.

"Are you sure?" He asked, my eyes became wide I knew what was in the bag. I tried to grab it from him but he ran out of my room.

"Hey come back! I know there is chocolate and sushi in there! I can smell it!" I yelled running out of my room and after him. He stopped when he was out of my house and in the middle of my backyard. I tackled him and he fell down. We laughed, and then we laid down on the lawn looking up at the stars. Seven and I have done this a couple times, and he always gets me out here by tempting me with my two favorite things, Sushi and Chocolate-

"Anna," He said, I smiled he is the only person in my life I let call me Anna.

"Yeah." I said looking at him.

"Did I ever tell you…you're more of a sister to me then Heaven," he said. My heart dropped…He thinks of me as a sister…a sister…

All the sudden I knew I need to tell him, go ahead and get it out. Tell him I like him.

"Seven I-"I began to say but his cell phone went off. He got it out of his pocket and answered it.

"Hey Jewels, babe…No I am not busy…Okay I will be there in about ten minute." He turned his cell off and looked at me. "Listen Anna-"

"No, I get it." I stood up, grabbed the grocery sack and walked inside.

I walked to the mirror and looked at myself, I am not his type. Yes I am skinny and I have the body type that I think he likes. But I tend to wear loose clothing, not the tight cloths those bleach blond wear. I don't ever wear makeup, unlike every girl I have seen him with, that is covered in makeup…Something in my brain clicks.

So Seven likes girls that wear tight cloths, and wear makeup…

I picked up my cell phone, scared that what I am about to do is a mistake. I dialed my second best friend Diana, who is a major fashion girl and knows how to dress to impress.

"Hello?" She said.

"Diana, I need your assistance."

"What on earth for?" She asked.

"I need help with…my look." I heard her gasp.

"I am on my way." She said before hanging up.

I have a feeling this is not going to lead to anything good…