I know so many people suffer trying to make ends meet. I hope that everything goes there way because life can be harsh. This is a bitter poem and I'm sorry bout that, I guess I can't write happy poems when its all droopy and rainy out.

Lingering in the dusty old shadows
Fighting because it isn't enough

Poverty stricken
Bearing no warm food
No satisfied stomach
No home
No family
No real true friends
To help you through

You need cash
Like those greedy banks
Like those numbers in stock
Or house values
You need dough
Fresh off the press
Because your desperate

But its not that easy

When you have nothing to lose
What can you gain
When no one will even look at you
Stair at your bearded unkept face
What is there left
What can you live for

And those people saying
They want to help you

How can they
when you have nothing
Don't those pathetic greedy people understand that nothing
Can't be turned into something
No mater how much silk you coat

Because unlike you they worry about
Every scrap of food
Every cold winter blizzard without heat
Every Summer day without a cool shelter
Every mugger and rapist
Every little piece of personal hell
Lurking in those shadows
In the streets you call home

Because when you have nothing
Everyone pities you

You the pathetic dead slum
With all these things from hell
Coming out of the shadows
All around you