I was rather hesitant to do this prompt but I figured it would help think outside the box if you will. Basically, I had to write a story or poem from the perspective of a glass about to fall off of a table. This is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy, and please tell me what you think by clicking that little review button at the bottom of your screen.. Go ahead, read and click! :)


Oh me, oh my, oh why? Why? Why?

I really do not wish to die.

Off this table I'm going to fall,

How I wish it wasn't so tall.

The ground from here seems so far away,

On this table is where I'd like to stay.

The clock ticks towards the end of my life,

Oh how I'll miss my kiddy cups,

And my Coca-Cola wife.

A glass like me was always half full,

I always kept my liquids nice and cool.

But here I am about to fall,

While doing everything in my power not to bawl.

An elbow knocks me into the sky,

As I try my best not to cry.

On to the floor I shatter at last,

And now I am a broken glass.