Short shorts, mini skirts, tight tops.

Standing in the locker room, pouting your lips.

Pushing up your bra, two extra cups won't make you any smarter.

Orange tans, blonde highlights, fake boobs and Botox.

Is there anything real left inside you?

You plaster make-up on your face like it's going out of fashion.

This isn't some circus show so step off the stage.

Guys make like the high heels, long legs, cute butt.

But heels can break, legs get grazed and asses sag.

Popularity in high schools is no social stepping stone in life.

Pay attention and you'll go far.

But sticking your head in a reality mag or a new copy of Vogue or Mode won't pay your salary.

You'll be popular, fashionable and envied but you'll also be snobby, bitchy and hated.

No one likes a girl that backstabs for attention.

No one likes an attention seeker that does anything to get notice.

No one likes the school bike which every guy likes to ride.

Rumour, gossip and blog sites, your either in them or making them.

But five years later, it'll be what's-her-face, that-girl, you-know-that-one-with-the-long-legs.

People forget names not memories.

Your name won't be in lights or on the tip of people's tongues.

You'll just be dishing out fries in McDonald's with your name pinned to your chest.

Not what you thought? That's life.

Fashion fades, crazes die, stars fall and looks wrinkle.

You treat people like trash that is caught under your heels.

Use them like you would a tampon.

Good for a while but once they mess up their gone.

Just one little hint, from a social reject to a social climber, be careful what you say and do now because karma will always come back around and kick you in the ass.

Because knowledge is power and I've moved on to better things.

I'm not some dork, geek, nerd anymore. I am a professional.

Where are you?

Working in a fast food chain. You see me and want to cry but what about you mascara?

Don't let it run!

I told you years ago, I'd have the last laugh. Look now.

So if you're one of those selfish girls. Think past the make-up, your number one priority (you), cute guys and look at those who are different.

Treat them like human beings for once and maybe, just maybe, they can help you when it really counts.

Because who knows where you'll end up in life?

Help and be helped

Just something to think about when you're powdering your nose.