Snow part 2 by Disneyluver

Summary: This is sort of a sequel to my poem "Ode to Snow". This is based on the Blizzard of 2005. It was written almost a month after the Blizzard had happened, on Feb. 21, 2005. Please read and review

Little flakes of frozen rain fly through the air

Cars and businesses are halted in their tracks

Schools are cancelled and you hear kids rejoice

Roads are extremely icy so people have to watch out.

People are trapped inside their homes and can't get to their jobs.

Electricity and power is out for the count, at least for a while

All you can see when you look outside is white covering everything.

The snow seems to take forever to melt

When you go outside to shovel, the cold snow seeps right through the boot to your toe.

Who knew that we would be at the mercy of tiny flecks of snow?