I Would do the Impossible

I would cook you a meal

Even if my hands were broken

If you told me you were hungry

I would listen to your problems

Even if I went deaf

If you told me you wanted to talk

I would run to you

Even if my legs were paralyzed

If you ever just wanted to see me

I would read you this poem

Even if I went blind

Just in case you ever needed to know how I feel

I would do the impossible for you

If it meant that you needed to know

For sure that I loved you

A/N: I wrote this for my uncle because he stepped up and got his family through the absolute toughest situation anyone can be put in: losing someone. I feel like it couldn't possibly amount to everything that he's done because honestly, without him, I wouldn't have gotten through it OK. These are for all those times that he stood by us when we desperately needed a leader, and most of all, allowing us to be happy at those times when it didn't seem possible. He did the impossible for us, and I just wanted to let him know, that I would do the impossible for him. This is for my Khalo (Uncle) Hashem :)