Author's Note: This is a poem written for Pearl Harbor dedicated the soldiers who died that day.

Truth About Surprise:

At 7:55 a.m. we were hit from behind unexpectedly,

Yet I guess that is the way it always go,

You never suspect a surprise,

Until it hits you from behind,

Until it brings you a living hell,

Yes you never suspect a surprise,

Until it hits you, from behind.

It only took an hour,

Then 3,000 were gone,

Left to the mercy of God,

Within minutes too many lives were lost,

Too many families were torn apart,

Too many hopes and dreams were never acted upon,

Yet, the battle raged on.

Just like it had come,

It was gone,

Yet the damage was done,

We had been deceived,

There was no turning back now,

The sleeping giant was awoken,

And it wasn't going to back down,

Until there was vengeance for everyone.

That's why they call it a surprise,

Because it hits you from behind,

Leaving you wondering,

How could this be happening?