Prologue –

I always wanted to be like him, my brother. What younger sibling wouldn't right? Back then I couldn't help but be awestruck by him. How he talked, how he walked, how everything always fell in place for him. It was as if destiny dealt him a royal flush and all he had to do was sit and enjoy the ride. Wish I could've been dealt such a kind hand, but destiny had other plans for me.

Thinking back, I wish I could return there. It was so calm, gentle, and peaceful. If I sit in complete silence long enough I can still hear the clashes of our swords, the cool fall air as it swept across my sweat soaked brow, the lush green grass under my boots. I long to go back where my childhood memories began, when he was by my side and my heart didn't have the worries it does now.

However, those times are gone. If I could accept it I would, but something within me can't- no, refuses to let go. No matter how hard I push it back it keeps returning. His face, our village, everything, I see it just as clearly now as I did then… I-I can't be thinking about this. Not any more. I have to let go. I have a duty to perform now. I must protect her, even if it costs me my life; for I am no longer that boy back then with the long brown hair and light gray eyes. I'm no longer that gentle soul with the mischievous smile that looked up to his elder brother as if he were a super hero. That boy is gone, and what's left of him will soon fade away. For that boy has grown up now… that boy, has become a knight.