Author's Note: So this poem is really comparing a battle to a storm from the point of view of a soldier.

The Storm Called War:

Brewing all around me is a storm,

Though it has another name,

That name is war,

I am surrounded by its storm.

It's the heat of battle,

And with each passing second I pray,

That this storm is just passing with the wind,

Staying at bay.

The bullets are like rain,

Thunder replaced by cries of pain,

The fallen flash like lightning,

As the winds sweep across the land,

In all directions,

Fallowing the destruction.

This storm that is better known as war,

Is a heroes true defeat,

The fallen lie on the battleground,

Underneath my feet,

And when this storm finally passes,

Taken by the wind,

Pieces still remain,

Burned into our memory,

Etched into our souls,

This storm never leaves us.

With time though,

The memories fade,

The pain subsides,

And throughout it all,

It all remains,

Another killing storm.