Author's Note: This is dedicated to my great grandfather.

Truth About Time:

The truth about time is that we never got enough,

Life's days are numbered to a very few,

And though I never got to know you,

I'll always think of you.

You died the same year,

The Berlin Wall was demolished,

I hope you got to know of it,

I hope you got to see it,

You fought for freedom,

Which the people obtained,

A country reunited,

With so much pain.

When you died did you know of the hero you became?

Though I never got to know you,

I'll never forget your name,

Or what you did for this country,

More than a citizen you became.

Now you lie to rest,

Among your fellow soldiers,

Watching from the skies,

Over me,

Over them,

Over everything.

Then your wife came to join you,

Watching from the skies,

And you both stared down from heaven,

As the tears rolled from our eyes,

She was laid to rest beside you,

For forever on,

Together you will always be,

For all eternity.

And as we reunited two lost souls,

A smoking figure burned in the background,

Formally known as the Pentagon,

Reminding us of that fateful day,

That later came to be known,

As September 11, 2001.

The truth about time is that we never have enough,

And though our days are numbered,

I just want you to know,

To me you are a hero,

And though I never got to meet you,

I feel as if I already know you,

And I promise that you're name,

Shall never be forgotten,

For as long as time remains.

Forever you will always be,

Watching over me,

From the heavenly skies above.