Author's Note: This poem is about shooting for the moon, falling short, and still landing on your feet. Don't ever give up your dreams, they make you who you are.

Shooting For the Moon:

They tell you to follow your dreams,

Then when you dream big,

They say you'll never make it,

But who are they to tell me,

What I can and cannot do?

For I am me and they are they,

Only I know of my own limits,

And when I set my mind to it,

I can reach the sky,

I can touch the white, billowy clouds,

Only I can keep myself down.

The only thing that holds me back is myself,

And when I push aside my fears,

I can achieve what I set out to achieve,

I can do what I always dreamed I could,

So who were they,

To keep me down?

Unlike them all,

I am not afraid,

To shoot for the moon,

And fall short,

Sinking back down,

While landing on my feet.


I am not afraid of failure,

Because from it I can learn,

I dream of success,

And live off wondering,

If I am shooting high enough.