Curiosity killed the cat... but satisfaction brought it back.

Lucy eyes fluttered open and she looked around the dark room she found herself in, not that there was much to look at. For a second she was confused, wondering why she was in a closet, but then the memories came flooding back. Denor had locked her in here for fun… again. Only this time it seemed she had forgotten to let her out and Lucy had fallen waiting for her.

Gingerly, Lucy reached out and turned the doorknob; she was mildly surprised to see that it actually opened. She peered out of the crack to check if the room was empty and to her dismay, it wasn't.

At first all Lucy could see was Denor's back since the red headed girl was facing the wall, but Lucy shifted until she saw another body between Denor and the wall. The head of blue hair revealed it to be Karen.

Any ideas of escaping the closet at the moment were all gone since Denor and Karen were in such close proximity that Lucy couldn't dare disturb them. She'd wait it out. Besides, they must be in the middle of an important conversation judging by how close they're standing, Lucy thought.

The stranded girl was made aware of the naivety of her thoughts when she finally saw that there was no was Denor and Karen could be talking with their lips together in a kiss.

Lucy could only stare with wide eyes as the pair made out heatedly, Denor pressing her body against Karen's, and Karen's against the wall. The brunette felt her face flush a deep red and she backed up until she hit the back wall of the closet. The clothes between the girls in the main room had started flying off.

Lucy sat there unmoving for a few moments, unsure of what to do. Obviously Karen and Denor deserved some privacy… But she was curious. Oh so very curious.

They say curiosity killed the cat…

…But satisfaction brought it back.

They're the ones always teasing me about this kind of stuff anyway," Lucy tried to rationalize to herself what she was about to do. 'Plus, they're both really… open about this stuff. I'm sure they wouldn't care if I watched for a little bit. Not that she planned to tell them, of course, but even Lucy herself knew she couldn't keep a secret.

She hesitantly moved forward to peek through the gap made from when she left the door slightly ajar. She was graced with the sight of Karen straddling Denor, who was licking and nipping at her neck. Both girls wore nothing but panties at this point.

Lucy watched it all critically, even tilting her head to the side at one point to get a good view of Karen's hips as she grinded down on Denor. She was so focused on her voyeurism that she barely noticed the way her own body flushed with heat. It wasn't until she felt a slight tingle down there that Lucy noticed how turned on she was getting by watching the pair. She crossed her legs and tried to ignore it for a while.

Back on the bed, Karen had somehow managed to get Denor's underwear off without getting off of her lap. It took a lot of squirming and wiggling but that only seemed to make the two (three) girls even hotter.

After another minute or so in this position, Denor finally snapped and with one quick maneuver, pinned Karen down on the bed beneath her. She pressed their mouths together in a firm kiss, and rubbed their now bare lower regions together. Somehow she had managed to tear off Karen's panties and they landed just in front of the doorway through which Lucy was peeking.

Lucy stared unblinkingly at the underwear for only a second before her hand shot out of its accord and brought the panties inside the closet with her. She ran her fingers over the soft cloth and jumped in surprise when she was met with something slick and sticky. She rubbed at it unthinkingly until she realized that this must have been the wetness Karen experienced from all that stimulation earlier.

Lucy felt a blush bloom in her cheeks, and she shook her head wildly. She stared at the panties in her hand before biting her lip. She looked around the tiny room as if someone might catch her before pressing the fabric to her face and taking a quick whiff.

She pulled back in wonder. It smelled like Karen but… different. The scent wasn't unpleasant in the least, just… stronger. More potent maybe. And definitely muskier. Lucy silently slipped off her skirt and glanced down at her own underwear. They were in a similar state to Karen's - warm and wet. She peered out at the pair on the bed again.

Denor held both of Karen's wrists captive in one hand while the other one snaked its way to a part of Karen's body further south. She teased her there, making the girl groan in frustration.

Before she knew what she was doing, Lucy had reached down and taken off her own underwear. A little curious, and more than a little turned on, she reached a hand down to touch herself. Her entire body jolted at the contact and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. It felt surprisingly good. She repeated the action, feeling the tingling sensation increase as she did so; Karen's panties remained clenched in her other fist.

Denor leaned down and playfully bit the blue-haired girl's inner thigh before pulling away completely. Hands now free, Karen growled and she caught Denor off guard by reaching out to rub her nether regions. Not expecting the sudden stimulation, her knees buckled and she all but fell onto Karen with a moan.

In the closet, Lucy had finally let go of Karen's underwear but only so she could clamp her hand over her mouth. She began to mimic the moves of Karen and Denor, who were now fingering each other on the bed. They were sweating and were taking in jagged breaths.

Lucy gasped when she slipped the first finger in. She was unused to the odd sensation of having something inside herself that it took her a couple tries before she managed to comfortably get her finger nearly all the way in. She wiggled it around experimentally and felt her breath hitch.

After a while her finger slipped in and out with ease, and Lucy dared to add a second one. It hurt a little initially, but Lucy waited for her body to adjust. Once she felt like the was ready, she slowly worked the digits in and out of herself, keeping a hazy eye on Karen and Denor all the while. Those two had at least three fingers inside each other, but Lucy was content to stick with just two for now.

The brunette tried to stifle her pants and whimpers as she continued to move her fingers faster; she was bringing herself closer and closer to her peak as she did so. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. The hot sensations, the warmth and the tingles building up, the slick heat… With a muffled cry, Lucy squeezed her eyes shut as she came. Outside in the main room, someone (she didn't know who) moaned as the reached orgasm as well. The moans of the third girl followed seconds after.

Lucy slumped down in the closet, her hand sticky from the mess she made between her legs. She rested her head against the wall and kept her eyes close, waiting for breathing to return to normal and for her heart to stop pounding so much.

It was only when she heard nearby snickers and giggles that Lucy finally opened her eyes again. The sound had been closer than anything else she had heard all night.

Standing in the doorway of the closet were Denor and Karen, both wearing nothing but their wide, cheeky grins. Lucy squeaked in shock as she scrambled to find some sort of cover for herself. She reached for her skirt but Denor moved it just out of her reach. When she frantically looked around for the panties, she saw to her mortification that Karen had them. Both pairs of underwear.

"Huh, I was wondering where these had gone…" Karen glanced over Lucy's damp panties. "I see somebody was busy in here."

"I-I-I… B-but you… and I just… and I…" Lucy failed to come up with a coherent response and instead buried her face in her hands. Her arms were pulled away by the smirking girls.

"Come on," Denor said, dragging her out of the closet and onto the bed. "What you did on your own was pretty good, but what we'll do is even better."

Lucy gulped as they grinned at her, but inside she couldn't help but admit that she was just a tiny bit curious. Just a little.