She ran into the cold winter forest. The sharp air cut at her throat and lungs, but she needed to keep going. Her bare feet stung as they collided with the ground, but dammit she needed to keep going! Even though she could not feel them, she was sure her toe nails were gone. Perhaps she lost them 300 yards back? Her heart punched the inside of her chest, trying to escape its confines, but the girl tread on. She needed to reach the cemetery before she lost her sanity, before she lost her only hope.

The girl could see the arch of the black railings that outlined the entrance. With utter disregard for anything else, the young girl reached her destination; a small, simple grave stone. It was stained with dust from the lack of visitation and the flowers had wilted and died, just like the boy underground.

The girl put her cut cheek against the freezing and dirty corner of the stone, tracing the letters of the boy's name. She was wishing, wishing for clarity and hope, for closure, for love. Love, a four letter word she had never heard until her fourteenth birthday when the young boy had held her hand by the lake and whispered it to her. It was a distant memory to her now, but she always cherished it; always went back to it and tried to relive her dreams. She was a sad but strong child who never showed her hurt for anything, and that's what the boy secretly like about her. He would watch her sit on the pier and swash her feet in the cool water of the lake, he would watch her become lost in her world. She fantasized about the possibilities of someone loving her instead of downing her for someone she never was. Thinking about those times for the girl was hard, and she began to softly weep on the boy's grave. A strong gust of wind flew around her, almost as if the boy was there with her; crying beside her.

After his confession, the boy suggested they meet two days later on the pier. On that day, he waited for her to come and walked off a steep end and cracked his head on the ground. As he fell down to the water, he dreamed of the girl's warm embrace of her arms. He dreamt of a life of them as a happy family. He wanted the girl to be loved, but his dream never came true. He died in the water.

When the girl was alerted of the boy's death, she threw herself into an isolation. She wouldn't eat or sleep, or do anything for that matter. She kept replaying his confession of love over and over in her head. That was the only thing keeping her sane.

But on this night, she forgot. She forgot his words of love and his soft smile. She forgot how he used to hug her and his beautiful laugh. She ran into the snow, the freezing winter night to his grave and cried. She cried for herself to remember, but she knew she never would. All she wanted was someone to love her deprived mind and soul forever, but at that moment, she realized nothing lasts forever. Not even your memories.