Eyes meet eyes across a cold white room.
A flash of teeth-a smile
Of candle-lit greetings.

Takes a while,
But how long does "a while" last
When you're having fun?

Touching the surface
Of a frozen lake, gently dotted
With intricately knotted snowflakes.

An overestimation, and splash!
The ice cracks, and she's sinking
In a body of surprising warmth.

She reaches rock bottom-
Literally, and she's pulled in
By the strong current.

Struggling to surface,
She thrashes, upsetting the wildlife
And making a mess.

It's icy as she gets out,
And she's longing for some warmth,
Watching the ripples lap at her feet.

A second chance to slide
Into blissful oblivion.
She takes it.

Completely relaxed,
She's cozy and warm
As she embraces the water.

Floating right down to the bottom,
She smiles
In peace.

"Hello there, silly boy."