I was just sitting around one day and I started thinking about this world and I came up with the first few lines and decied to write them down. As I did the rest just seemed to follow before I was done writing those.

The World

The world was not meant to be the way it is today.

However or whoever made this Earth didn't mean for it to be this way,

People weren't supposed to be greedy.

The economy wasn't supposed to be horrible.

People were supposed to treat each other with respect.

The world was supposed to be peaceful.

People weren't supposed to get messed up in drugs.

People were not supposed to be killing themselves.

Life was not supposed to be completely easy

but it wasn't supposed to be so hard that people would do anything to get away.

But however we can't change that the world has become this way

and I grantee that all of you are too caught up in your own lives to even take the few min. to read this.