To the people out there that are reading Simple Complexity, sorry for not uploading any chapters recently, I just came back from my vacation and I'm currently getting things cleared and getting things straight.
I wrote a little something, not a story, not sure if it's a poem. It defines what and how I feel with things that are happening right now.
- GlitteR StuD

When everything was forgotten and lost
nobody was normal anymore;
I lost a companion, her heart, like rock hard frost.
Stupid girl she was. You're nothing like her.
Was it just me that saw you closing open doors?

You said different is good,
and that everyone wanted to be the same,
I believe you.
Cause they're the ones that should take the blame.

When I just wanted someone to hold,
that's when you decided to come along,
and I discovered my lake of gold.
You always remained tall and strong.

I remain fond of you.
If that's what it takes, that's what I'll do.

There she came, thinking she was different, magnificent,
but they're all the same.
Is it the attention?
The fame?

You're worth way more than you think,
the last thing I'll do is watch their bricks forcing you down
leading you to drown and sink.

You're unstable and it scares me.
You saw, but you don't seem to see.

I'm not going to let you turn out like them,
sour and cold.
No ones going to take over my lake of gold.